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  1. Trade With Pig King



    --v1.2: Hunger update --v1.1: Power update Thanks: @kiopho (helping me fix the anim files) @_Q_ (this mod is kind of similar to one of his works, but he doesn't mind) Features: Now you can get more things from Pig King. -If you give him meat, as usual, you may get a gold nugget, but if you are lucky enough you can get a red gem or a blue gem instead. -If you give him a red gem, you will receive a blue gem, and for a blue one you will receive a red one. -If you give him some useless "treasure" you dig up, you will only get one gold nugget. But you will have a higher possibility of receiving a red or blue gem, and you may even get a purple gem luckily. -If you give him a purple gem, you will get amulet, panflute, papyrus, gunpowder, nightmarefuel, dragonpie, pigskin, cutgrass or even poop. Also, you have about 4% possibility to get a Nightsword EX or Armor Sanity EX, and both of them are cooler(I hope so) and stronger. Installation: -Unpack files into mod directory. -Open file "modsettings.lua" in mod folder and add line: ModManager:AddMod("TradeWithKing") Please discuss this mod here:
  2. Version


    Since I was informed that the setting of ore may not satisfy everybody, I decided to publish a "pure" flashlight mod. At the same time, I will still work on the electricity mod. Enjoy it! :> Added New Item: - Flashlight: 1 Gears, 5 Gold, 2 Purple Gem - Batteries: 5 Gold, 5 Nitre Features: - Once you make a flashlight, it will be your good friend at night or in cave. - It will produce super-bright light at first, but as time passes, the flashlight will lose its power. - If the power is low, the radius of light will decrease. - When the power goes off, you need to craft some batteries to charge it. - 1 flashlight needs 2 batteries to be fully recharged. - DO NOT THROW BATTERIES INTO FIRE! (I mean you can have a try) - If you have a 5-equipslots mod, you can put the flashlight in the amulet slot. - If you don't, you can only put it in the hat slot. (not logical, haha) - A flashlight on the ground can be turned on or off, so it acts like the lantern. - Each time you equip a flashlight,the light color changes! If you are interested in the electricity mod, plz click here.
  3. Version


    -v1.2: Hunger Update. Fixed the images -v1.1: Batteries added. New resources: copper, iron and zinc! -v1.0: Flashlight is now available! For those who want flashlight and batteries only: Click me! Have fun! :3 v1.1 Batteries and New Resouces Added New Item: - Batteries: 5 Copper, 5 Zinc - Flashlight: 1 Gears, 5 Iron, 2 Purple Gem - Wires: 1 tentaclespots, 5 copper (not in use) Features: - You can now get copper ore, iron ore and zinc ore from mining. - "Cook" the ores, you will get copper, iron, and zinc. - You need iron instead of gold to craft a flashlight. It's more logical. - If you don't have a 5-slot mod, you need to put flashlight in the hand slot. More logical, too. - To craft batteries, you need some copper and zinc - an original way to make a battery. - 1 Flashlight needs 2 batteries to be fully recharged. - DO NOT THROW BATTERIES INTO FIRE! (I mean you can have a try) - You can also craft wires, but they are still useless now.(Plz wait for the next version.) v1.0 Flashlight Installation: - Unpack files into mod directory. - Open your game, find the MOD button and click on it. - Enable the mod Flashlight. The electricity mod is still work in process, so I am longing for suggestion! Feel free to tell me your thoughts here! :3
  4. Version


    EZIO Features: - Added a new character: Ezio. - Ezio has 300 maximum sanity. - Ezio runs faster. - Ezio gives a higher damage. - Where's the Sword of Altair? Installation: - Unpack files into mod directory. - Open your game, find the MOD button and click on it. - Enable the mod Ezio. Plz discuss here.
  5. I love your electricity mod :D

  6. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    I thought adding some code can solve the problem, but I didn't expect to solve it with such a short and clear piece of code. Totally make sense! Thanks!
  7. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    Finally I decided to give my item a new equipslot so it had similar effect, though, I believe having a look at the touch is a good idea.:>And now I have another question: I added a new material as the recipe composition, but the image in recipe tab is not showing. I asked kiopho and he said I should add image to inventoryimages.tex and its definition in inventoryimages.xml, and he suggest me to ask you how to do so. I think maybe some code is needed?
  8. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    I remember in the old version the heat stone in inventory may produce light, and I checked the code of heat stone. It's similar to the code you give, but neither works as I hope. Maybe this "bug" is fixed in Power version. Anyway, I'll stop trying to make inventory items give off light until I find the detail of the AddLight function.
  9. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    I'm sorry to ask this question again, but, is there anybody know how to make items (in inventory) give out light? I copied some code from the heat stone but it cannot work. And, where can I find the function "AddLight()"?Thanks!
  10. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    WOWWWWWW!! Dying for that! +1
  11. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    I have the same question. Maybe the problem of one of the anim files or the image files will cause its happening.
  12. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    GREAT! Thank you SOOOOOO much!!And, is the black&red sword your taste?
  13. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    You are so nice to teach me such things! I used to be confused by them but it's much better now. And someone told me that the white lines generated and something else got wrong because the image is bigger than 15KB, is it right?
  14. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    Oops, I'm sorry. Well, I did edit the files thousands times and not sure whether the screenshots come from the files, but at least the armor_sanity one.
  15. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    Seems cool! But I still don't understand why should we change the name of build.bin files.