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When you give meat to bird in a cage you will get egg from it like usual and you have chance to get its feather.

When you give it stale meat you can get rotten egg or normal egg, if you give it spoiled meat you will get rotten egg.

Seeds given by bird will be at the same spoilage level as veggie you gave to the bird.

What's New in Version 08/24/13 11:46 AM   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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I like this MOD.  ^^  Makes sense and obtaining feathers easier.    However the drop rate I find is annoying.   It makes making darts and feather requiring items op.   I think maybe 1-2 feathers a day would be a good balance.  As it is I can get-6 feathers daily and make darts like a factory....


But changing it is up to you and ability to do so.  I'm not a modder.  XD 

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Hey _Q_,
I've made an updated version of this variant of your mod (as it like it more than time-based one) - it works fine with RoG, and it ensured you get rotten egg for monster meat, in addition to spoiled/stale meta thing.

Are you OK with me uploading the updated version here?

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