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A long time ago, there's a mod called mrpoke20xx mobs, now this mod is reborn as don't starve: weird world of wilson!

There's 6 creatures, 3 structures and 1 item in this mod now!


They come in 3 colors, each one spawn from their houses, and they love gross(item).


Master of the puppets, this creature is awaiting for your arrival in his mansion, prepare for battle!


Wooden living puppets that are controlled by a mysterious force, if you can only know how to make them... maybe their master know how...


Dreadful creature that sneaks their prey (you) by using mimicry of a berry bush, watch out!


Made with manure and rot, this thing works as fuel, as ferilizer and somehow, fungus love this.


Structures that spawn in heavy forests, jungles (shipwrecked) and caves, each one houses 4 fungus of their respective color.

that's all for now people! more creatures coming soon!

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


  • Changelog for 1.1:
  • - This mod now works in base game and reign of giants!
  • - you can now tame up 4 fungus at once!

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what is the console command to summon a fungus, I can't find it anywhere, also a known bug is trying to summon a puppet without the puppeteer makes certain things in the game go away and making it incapable of pausing the game.

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