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This mod takes away the stressful time fighting giants by allow you to be able to craft the deerclops eye from the refine tab after acquiring a science machine

The Ingredients for crafting the deerclops eye

  • silk, 20
  • pigskin, 10
  • honey, 10
  • monster meat, 5

Please note, that this mod was coded and created by me and that this mod works for all versions off Don't Starve and Shipwrecked.

What's New in Version 1.0   See changelog


  • Can make deerclops eye
  • Working crafting

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deerclops is the 2nd easiest giant, and this recipe seems more stressful than actually fighting the brute. Though, i understand it having some purpose in Shipwrecked.

(This with the chester eyebone craft mod... just sucks the challenge right on out)

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i understand that, that's why i made it like that so u can get it in shipwreck but still if people cant fight him for some reason then now their is a mod for themĀ 

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