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Fear core:

-Equip it and “attack” enemies with it to scare them away for 5 seconds. Angered neutral enemies will become passive again after running away. (including boss monsters)

-“feeds” off of their fear to regain 7 health.

-costs 15 sanity, and has a 20 second cooldown.

-cannot be removed from inventory, but remains in your inventory if you die and respawn.

-cannot be used on smaller innocent creatures like rabbits and birds because kajis such a softie.

Panic roar:

-activates automatically when health goes below 30

-scares off all monsters on screen for 8 seconds, also un-agros’ them. (hound packs will run away and won’t come back)

-disables all non-mobile enemies for 8 seconds (tentacles and eye plants)

-invincibility while roaring

-cannot be activated again until you return to good health (must be above 110 hp and 75 sanity)

Chubby and higher metabolism:

-Gets hungry 15% faster because of his infrequent use of his core. Or something like that. Don’t quote me on that one.

-This makes him chubby, and he has a natural insulation value of + 45. (slightly less than the lowest tier winter clothing)

Good with maps:

-Is a cartographer, and has a larger map view radius. (note: this feature still has some bugs. The extra map revealed is hidden once saving and re-opening. If it bothers you, you can disable map vision in the mod config menu.)

Terrified of water:

-quickly loses sanity near ponds and oceans.

-cannot use, or equip, fishing poles.

-And a few other fun easter eggs.

Compatible with regular Don’t starve and RoG! (but not DST)

The character Kaji belongs to Venoshade, and this mod was made with their permission.

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


  • v1.03: Fixed a bug where users could not use the mod. (oops...)
  • v1.1
  • ---Overhaul of the “fear of water” attribute.---
  • -sanity drop rate now scales more accurately depending on how close you are to water.
  • -fixed the overall buggy water detection.
  • -added more panic voice lines for Kaji when he’s too close to water. His speech lines also vary depending on how close he is.
  • -fear of water is slightly less harsh in general
  • -in return, he now takes longer to dry off after getting wet. (dries 20% slower)
  • -updated some art
  • -added a few speech lines for specific RoG items
  • -fixed a bug where Kaji wasn’t afraid of certain types of ponds

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Make A Mod Like This....


Character name :::: Kaoji

just like kaji but...

sanity drain less at night....

he can eat gold to increase his health

fear core doesnt cost sanity


Add A modded hound that kaji can tame 



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