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  1. G's Mod

    Hm i must reinstall don't starve but i have this same problems with the other mod :/
  2. G's Mod

    I did this like 5 times now Maybe i have something with don't starve it tells Capy dlc and pencil lua :/
  3. G's Mod

    well, do you have any of the numbers that have F behind it? (e.g. F1) if so, just press one of those buttons F1 - F12. one of them should work. Nope not working :/
  4. G's Mod

    Uh i have laptop and i think i cant omg why i always have problems
  5. G's Mod

    Oh i dont know how to do screenshots ;_;
  6. G's Mod

    Idk i think something is with that pencil but world is in the background maxwell is talking but i see only error :/
  7. G's Mod

    Hey did you update this mod or something i have 13 days lived and i cant go in the world but is showing me the error :/ and i wanna play him! D:
  8. Wilhelm

    Hey you still working on this mod if yes please add 100 health :3
  9. Kaji character mod

    Please (If you still working on this mod) remove this fear of water D: its soo annoying :/
  10. Caleb-The Haunted Child

    Hes too hard i only survived 6 days with him D: But i liked him :3
  11. Smiley The Stick Man!

    Hey where version 3.3 D: can you please give me link to him ?