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The gold crossbow is a range weapon add-on for don't starve and don't starve together, this medieval weapon shoots golden arrows at your foes and if they die the arrow is retrievable. This mod has been abandoned due to other modding interests and other reasons.

How to craft it:

The crossbow: It requires 4 gold nuggets, 2 silk, and one boards. It can be crafted in the alchemy engine under the war tab. It'll last 100 shots before breaking and will not do damage without the arrows.

The gold arrows: The only ammunition the crossbow will accept, it can be crafted from 1 gold nugget, 1 twigs, and 1 jet black feather. The arrow is moderately expensive at the beginning but will be plentiful in the long run, the arrow does 100 damage, stacks up to 40 and 3 arrows are crafted per recipe.

This mod is a group project that was created by me, dragon wolf leo and an artist who changes his username constantly. This mod is also posted in case if I lose the original file.

crossbow.zip is the dst version.

crossbowds.zip is the regular ds version.

What's New in Version 1.3


  • Abandoned due to other interest in a character mod pack and other reasons.

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Usually I find that on dst gold is constantly being depleted by wigfrid's helmets  or other mods that eat up gold constantly so its balanced there. As for regular don't starve I can see it being op there but I remember being constantly annoyed with the blow dart recipes so I've got a mixed feeling about it.

Nice, I'm on my phone now, but I will download it tomorrow. TBH it is a little bit OP. Can you make craft recipe for arrows 3 nuggets? It would be a bit balanced. Nice anyways.

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