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Found 6 results

  1. Version v7.0DLC


    ¡Buen día a todos! El Juego Base está traducido al 100%. Este mod también incluye la traducción del DLC - Reign of Giants que está traducido al 100%. Si aún no adquieres el DLC, no te preocupes, esta traducción también es compatible con el juego base, el cual ya está traducido al 100%. Incluso te recomiendo que, aunque no tengas el DLC, instales esta versión más reciente pues corrige algunos errores de versiones previas. Para instalar la traducción, sigue pasos que se indican más abajo. ___________________________________________________________ Después de varias semanas de arduo trabajo, aquí está la traducción completa de Don't Starve. Incluye la traducción de todas las actualizaciones del juego, incluso el nuevo DLC - Reign of Giants. También puedes encontrarla en el Workshop de Steam, sólo da click aquí o copia y pega el siguiente enlace: He intentado utilizar en todas las líneas un Español "Neutro" para que puedan utilizarlo tanto Latinoamericanos como Europeos Hispanohablantes. Cualquier irregularidad en la traducción, siéntanse libres de hacérmelo saber. ____________________________________________________________ ¿Cómo instalo la traducción? 1. Descarga el Archivo adjunto llamado «Traducción al Español v7.0DLC». 2. Extrae la carpeta llamada «spanishv7.0DLC» del archivo .rar. 3. Copia la carpeta que se extrajo del archivo .rar dentro de la carpeta mods que se encuentra donde instalaste el juego. En el caso de Don't Starve adquirido a través de Steam, la carpeta mods se encuentra en la siguiente dirección: C:Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\dont_starve\mods 4. Abre el Juego y da clic en el botón Mods desde el menú principal. 5. Busca el mod en la lista titulado: «Traducción al Epañol» y dale un clic para activarlo. 6. Presiona «Apply», el juego se congelará unos segundos y después regresará al menú principal del juego. ¡Listo, tu juego ya debe estar traducido!
  2. Better Recipes [API]

    Version 1.0


    This is a small API that augments how recipes work. The Ingredient class now has a fourth constructor argument, a list of prefab tags. Ingredients with this argument specified will only qualify to be used in the recipe if the prefab has all of the specified tags. Example: Recipe("goldnugget", {Ingredient("rocks", 4, nil, {"magic"})}, RECIPETABS.REFINE, TECH.MAGIC_TWO) This recipe allows the crafting of four rocks into one gold nugget, but only if the rocks have the tag "magic". NOTE: This mod overwrites the functions CanBuild and RemoveIngredients in the builder component. THIS FILE IS DISCONTINUED. THE MAIN PROJECT CAN BE FOUND HERE.
  3. The gold crossbow

    Version 1.3


    The gold crossbow is a range weapon add-on for don't starve and don't starve together, this medieval weapon shoots golden arrows at your foes and if they die the arrow is retrievable. This mod has been abandoned due to other modding interests and other reasons. How to craft it: The crossbow: It requires 4 gold nuggets, 2 silk, and one boards. It can be crafted in the alchemy engine under the war tab. It'll last 100 shots before breaking and will not do damage without the arrows. The gold arrows: The only ammunition the crossbow will accept, it can be crafted from 1 gold nugget, 1 twigs, and 1 jet black feather. The arrow is moderately expensive at the beginning but will be plentiful in the long run, the arrow does 100 damage, stacks up to 40 and 3 arrows are crafted per recipe. This mod is a group project that was created by me, dragon wolf leo and an artist who changes his username constantly. This mod is also posted in case if I lose the original file. is the dst version. is the regular ds version.
  4. Version 1.1


    This mod adds a chance for a mysterious crow to accompany Otto von Chesterfield. It has magical powers and hunger, wouldn't you know this could be benefical. This crow is based on the insane fruitloops oc-ish crow.
  5. Version βeta 1


    Hello! I'm Neutral, the creator of this mod, i just wanna say thanks for the people who downloaded my mod, i hope if you enjoyed the mod, also, now this has a together port, if you like this mod and you want it to together just click this forum Well then, i just wanna say when the New expansion arrives i will update it again. for the moment i will abandon it but still 100% working. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- St... Hum... WILDO IS BACK! I updated much things except character appearance, he likes green! -Updates from 1.4 to βeta 1- Changed his name from Steve to Wildo ("W" TO THE POWER) Health changed from 100 to 90 Hunger changed from 175 to 160 Sanity changed from 200 to 180 Changed maxwell voice for wickerbottom Better stack! -Perks Changes from 1.4 to βeta- Insanity aura changed from 0.50 to 0.70 Speed changed ( i don't know how to describe ) Hunger consume a bit more faster than the old 0.75 to 0.80 Removed resistance (no more RoG only) -Added!- Better stack! (no more RoG only) Custom quotes! Vanilla compatible, starve now in the vanilla game! Improved portait (big character portait still ugly!) Thanks to Help me about the stack error Her tutorial for make character mods! (recomended with the extended sample character tutorial) -To do- HIS PORTAIT GOD!! Finish his quotes (over 60% complete)
  6. Questastic!

    Version 2.0


    Are you not sure what to do? Are you bored? Are you in need of great decision-making? Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you... the Quest Giver! This handy machine analyzes your situation at the pull of a lever, and tells you exactly what to do! Occasionally, these tasks yield great bounty! It works in any enviroment: underwater, in vacuum, on fire, filled with malicious aura, truly anything*! It can be used indefinitely, and that without fee or fuel! Get your Quest Giver today! *fire and malicious aura not confirmed The Quest Giver comes with a free copy of "dummymod", which explains how to add quests using the makeshift API. Yes you heard right: a mod that allows mod support! ~#* This mod is Abanadanodened! If you can make it awesome, do so and give credit! *#~