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Your very own ghost for Don't Starve Together.

Spooky comes with hundreds of lines of custom dialouge.

Spooky is currently in BETA.

Aspects needing added/improved:

Custom items(Coming in the near future)

Custom sound(Coming in the near future)

More custom dialouge(You can never say too much!-Coming in the near future)

Basic Stats:




Spooky Ignores Spoilage

Spooky has a Strong Stomach

Spooky has night vision

Spooky is unable to freeze/overheat

Spooky loses no sanity from night + sanity drainers monsters etc.

What's New in Version V 1.55   See changelog


  • V 1.0
  • *Posted Spooky to the Steam Workshop
  • V 1.05
  • *Made the mod actually work! XD
  • *Made the custom dialouge work!
  • V 1.1
  • *Remade all character art excluding big portrait making the mod look much better!
  • *Added even MORE custom dialouge.
  • *Posted Spooky to Keli Fourms
  • V 1.15
  • *Updated modinfo.lua!
  • *Added 35+ lines of custom dialouge!
  • V 1.20
  • *Became APLHA!
  • *Added a basic character model!
  • *Added a couple more lines of custom dialouge!
  • *Added NEW selectscreen portrait!
  • *Added NEW saveslot portrait
  • V 1.3
  • *Repositioned head so hats fit better
  • *Improved map icon making it more visible
  • *Improved spooky's damage nerfed his health
  • *Changed spooky's gender from neutral to male
  • *Added 10+ lines of custom dialouge
  • V 1.35
  • *Fixed problem where on some computers Spooky would crash at launch
  • V 1.40
  • *Added 30+ lines of custom dialouge
  • *Made Spooky Ignore Spoilage & have a Strong Stomach
  • *Made Spooky start with 3 silk, 3 nightmare fuel, 1 life giving amulet & 1 living log
  • V 1.45
  • *Added night vision
  • *Added 5+ lines of custom dialouge
  • *Updated character art(more ghostly)
  • V 1.50
  • *Nerfed Spooky's stats
  • *Made Spooky unable to freeze/overheat
  • *Made Spooky not lose sanity at night + while around sanity drainers monsters etc.
  • V 1.55 
  • *Updated Spooky's description 
  • *Made Spooky's head better for hats
  • *Updated Spooky's dead(ghost) model


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When I saw the mod title, I made a false presumption it was gonna be Spooky from Spooky's House of Jumpscares.


Ah well.

I did too.


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Hmmm....... Isn't it more easy to use the art for the InGame-Ghosts, instead of the little Ghost-Man? D:

I mean... the currently art isn't very ghostly D:

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No that would not be possible as the in-game ghost does not have enough limbs, also no clothing would fit with that model, I may make him slightly transparent (for a ghostly effect) say 80% but I can't promise anything sorry ;(!

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Hey guys, sorry but due to DSTs lastest update I cannot test or use my mod & other mods.

Apparently I am not the only one with this problem(evidenced by the Klei Fourms) hopefully this issue will be resolved soon and I can continue updating & improving the mod!:(

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