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  1. Spooky The Ghost BETA

  2. Spooky The Ghost BETA

    Yay guys managed to get DST working enough to test mods, so an update for Spooky should be coming soon! Get Hyped
  3. Spooky The Ghost BETA

    Hey guys, sorry but due to DSTs lastest update I cannot test or use my mod & other mods. Apparently I am not the only one with this problem(evidenced by the Klei Fourms) hopefully this issue will be resolved soon and I can continue updating & improving the mod!
  4. Spooky The Ghost BETA

    @AnoraMakani No that would not be possible as the in-game ghost does not have enough limbs, also no clothing would fit with that model, I may make him slightly transparent (for a ghostly effect) say 80% but I can't promise anything sorry ;(!
  5. Spooky The Ghost BETA

    Hopefully this mod will still be fun
  6. Spooky The Ghost BETA

    Has my artwork failed me? Don't worry I will likely be changing that soon as it's not my best.
  7. Spooky The Ghost BETA

    Version V 1.55


    Your very own ghost for Don't Starve Together. Spooky comes with hundreds of lines of custom dialouge. Spooky is currently in BETA. Aspects needing added/improved: Custom items(Coming in the near future) Custom sound(Coming in the near future) More custom dialouge(You can never say too much!-Coming in the near future) Basic Stats: Health-150 Hunger-125 Sanity-100 Spooky Ignores Spoilage Spooky has a Strong Stomach Spooky has night vision Spooky is unable to freeze/overheat Spooky loses no sanity from night + sanity drainers monsters etc.