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Not what she seems.

Winona is a farmgirl from the south, with a body weakened by tuberculosis.


- Sanity drains lower at night due to her experience in Waverly Hills Sanatorium... and her talks with Charlie.

- Farming bonus. (Right now, she has Wickerbottom's farming book. In the future, when recipes work better in DST, she will have a custom farming plot)


- Body weakened by illness

Still a wip! Feel free to play as her and offer advice, though, it's my first released mod. I will be giving her custom lines as the character designer gives them to me.

Character Idea and Design: http://winona-the-lovesick.tumblr.com/

Portrait Art: http://automb.tumblr.com/

Game art and coding: Ace Murdock (publisher)

What's New in Version 1.7   See changelog


  • - Made Compatible with RoG
  • - fixed a bug where the game would crash when crafting farms

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hey im having an issue, in this version and the previous, the map loads up fine but when i get to the character select screen and scroll through my characters to get to winona, it crashes, any help?

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Hello I know it's been some time since the last update and I don't know if you are still working on/supporting this mod but I wanted to ask for help with a problem. I own the Don't Starve and the DLC Reign of Giants (from the Don't Starve Site not from Stream) not Don't Starve Together. Since Version 1.7 it should be compatible with ROG but for me the Mod automaticly disables itself (or freeze at the Startwindow after activating)when I try to activate it ( I activate it press apply the Startwindow appears but the Mod isn't there when I go back to mods it is disabled)I don't get an error message or anything. I tried the Mod without any other mod installed to see if it's an incompatibility but I still have the same problem. Does anyone had or has the same problem? would love to play with her.

I wish everyone a good start into the new Year!

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