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Hello , this is my second mod :joyous:

my first mod is Bat guy (willie) http://forums.kleientertainment.com/files/file/916-bat-guy/

Max level = 10 need 1000 exp

When he kills different creatures,he will get different exp (defaultdamage *0.08,You can change it the menu)

Press key y on your keyboard to check your exp and level

Health:70 (at first) Increase with the level Max 200

Hunger:150(at first) Increase with the level Max 180

Sanity:120(at first) Increase with the level Max 200

Electrocity:100(at first) Increase with the level Max 200

He only does 80% damage(at first)Increase with the level Max 120%

Runs slowly Increase with the level Max 120%

The spirit of recovery.(Maxwell'20%)

When the creatures beat him ,they will be paralyzed.

And if it‘s raining, they will be hurt.But max will lose a little electrocity.


He has his some stuffs


damage: 45(the far)/40(the close)


It takes a lot of electricity.

You can make some bombs by it.

amulet black

Increase attack

amulet white

can offset some damage,you can also make a "magnetic field" to completely offset


His own boomerang


You can read it everyday


A unusual book.Can make creatures sleep.If they are sleeping and full health,they will be hurt by lightning

book max

Summon his pet

and more staffs...


If you have trouble ,please call me.I'll try to repair. :juggling:

Thank you for your support!




What's New in Version V1.12   See changelog


  • Fixed some bugs
  • Add weapon properties

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