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Pause Error: Unable to Add Fuel

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New Pause Function Issue: On PS4 I'm unable to add fuel to miner's hats, lanterns, etc. 


Steps to Reproduce

Select bulbs and try to add fuel to a miner's hat or other item.

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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

I think this is intended by the devs. You can only move/manage stuff from your inventory.

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So, what alternatives are there to adding fuel while on the PS4? If L2 pauses everything and you can't add fuel when in that state ... is there another way to add fuel?  

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2 hours ago, ViCiOuS-V. said:

I recommend disabling auto-pause for now as a workaround and just pause the game manually instead when needed. 

I recommend this too.

To be honest, this is the best option in my opinion to use the new pause feature... the game looks weird with the auto-pause enabled. And it is easy to pause the game from the game option.

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Yep. Just came here to post this. Huge issue especially since it allows refueling when it isn't acting up though I've had no luck with a miner hat. It does fuel nightmare items successfully but only sometimes. I'm fine with it only fueling once each time obviously that makes a ton of sense. Hopefully they atleast shed some light on the issue soon. Much love for this new update. 

16 hours ago, Mj- said:

My bad... I didn't explain myself well. You can only manage or move your items while the game paused. But you can still re-fuel your hats/lanterns, but it will take you out of the pause.

Just like this...



The issue is that this is inconsistent for some users. To get nightmare fuel to work I have to wait a few minutes for I guess the world to load properly and for a miner hat I'm having no luck on my current save fueling it while coming out of pause. Been trying different button combos to no avail.


I finally got a miner hat to fuel by using bulbs that were in a ice chest but I had to take them out first. Wondering if I play for a while if it snaps out of it. Odd!


Probably last edit: I believe the issue is that things can no longer be fueled if the fuel is stored in containers or backpacks. When the fuel is in my actual inventory and not my krampus sack I don't seem to have an issue. Hope that helps Klei. This may not be the same for everyone obviously. 

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