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  1. Thanks for the advice, but I really want to play in my world "fair game" if you know what I mean. I am trying to make it rain and making a lot of different combinations, until the hotfix releases obviously. Again thank you very much.
  2. Yeah, but the one I weave is not going to be heirloom, I am hunting that heirloom skin for almost 3 years I think. But I will never give up, that's why I want to know the date of the hotfix, so I can calculate how may presents I can get, and how many hours I will have to play. I hope the hotfix is releasing today, because the developer said it was going to release early week (which I suppose it has to be today, because Wednesday would be a little late for me).
  3. I hope so, I want to start playing and getting gifts for the rook skin of WX-78 that I have been trying to get for years.
  4. Yeah I also want to know when is the hotfix going to drop...
  5. Hi again, sorry I forgot to ask, when is the hotfix going to release? Sorry if I annoyed you and thanks in advance.
  6. What a shame, the days I could play DST and now I can't. But I will have patience, thank you very much for paying attention for this kind of bugs and to pay attention to the community. Don't worry, because this update was great and im grateful for that.
  7. Yeah, I tried to find the option to submit the crash to Sony, but nothing. I hope they will update the game today because it makes it impossible to play it, I am a bit worried that they would make a hotfix till next week...
  8. When a hurricane starts, the game tends to crash each 5-7 minutes.