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Guardian Pigs not respawning

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So a bunch of mobs and bosses weren't respawning before the last few patches after we received the update with all the new world settings etc.

Everything seems to be re spawning again properly and with new timers depending on if they are set to more, less etc.

Guardian Pigs however are the one mob I have noticed simply will not respawn at all in my world.

Steps to Reproduce

No necessary steps, Guardian Pigs simply wont respawn

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User Feedback

Guardian pigs can respawn?

Edit: In Don't Starve Together, I've never seen Guardian Pigs respawn.

Edit2: If they do respawn, then I am actually super duper surprised, I did not know this.

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This started happening to me also. I made a post about it a few days ago in the wrong section of the forums. I downloaded the new update yesterday and they still have not respawned.

My world is like day 1300, and the guardian pigs have respawned just fine until recently. 

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