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  1. The new bandana skins will do not have an icon in the inventory. The skins work just fine, but the inventory icon is missing and instead looks like a blank slot with a number indicating durability (100%, 90%, etc). I do not know if this also effects the pirate hat thingies as I have not obtained one yet.
  2. I have heard about the continuous crafting/eating. I have never been able to do it myself so the crating menu changes nothing for me. I don’t know if the previous method of doing this was a glitch or something intentional so I have no idea about that. I’ve played on the PC, and as far as I know it is the same way as you have described it as being now (click 40 times to eat 40 berries) the force attacked method I am also unsure about. I can still “force” an attack by pressing square, but it never has done anything for me both pre and post UI update. Everytime I have forced attacked, it has shown the character on my screen doing the attack motion. It still has not changed for me. The problem with this is that I play split screen, and although the character is attacking on my screen, they are doing absolutely nothing on the other persons screen. Again, it has been like this both pre and post UI change. So I guess my point here is I’m not sure if there are exactly any bugs to fix, or if the continuous feed was a bug in and of itself and has now been fixed.
  3. What does the message say when you get kicked? Does it say "Lost connection to server?". Does it give an error every time or does it sometimes just kick you? I had experienced something similar to this, it ended up being my connection. I upgraded to Cox Gigablast which helped matters... slightly. Despite Cox Gigablast being 1GB download, the upload speeds were weaker. I now use Google Fiber and everything is smooth as butter. I think the real issue I was having was a weak wifi router. It seemed like I was getting mad bursts of packet loss, which for some reason affects DST more than others. Other games I play like Battlefield 5 were not as adversely affected but there would be times where I randomly start skip lagging and eventually everything caught back up and returned to normal. What are the speeds of your internet connection now? What kind of router/modem are you using? How far is the PS4 from the Wifi point? Can you go to the PS4 Settings, click network connection, and test the internet connection speeds and see what they say? I really feel like this is a network/connection issue. Not necessarily internet speeds, but if something is causing a temporary disturbance in your wifi connection which in my experience DST does not take kindly to. You could try and troubleshoot this by hardwire connecting your PS4 instead of using Wifi. If the problem persists, then at least we have ruled this out. Edit- I forgot to mention, I was having this problem when I was hosting worlds also. Even just my own world split screen with no additional players. I think maybe the upload/download demands are more strenuous when hosting a world.
  4. I bought Shipwrecked, cant get the skin still. Not even on the PC version. I scoured the internet and bought a valid Shipwrecked CD key from a dumpster behind Wendy's just so I could try and redeem the code for the skin on the rewards page. Doesn't work for console users. A Pirate Bird cage skin on the rewards page would make me so happy.
  5. I think that right now the game provides a great balance to both. There are things for beginners and veterans. I have been playing public servers a lot recently, and there are tons of people in there that just like farming, gather resources, and just surviving. If you're a veteran, great, you can load up your day 3000 world or speedrun bosses in a public server. I feel like DST is sort of a buffet when it comes to gameplay. It has something to offer everyone. If you don't want to eat something, don't put it on your plate... but changing the menu to favor one group or another will lose you customers! Not speaking from experience.... but I do dip shrimp in the chocolate waterfall at Golden Corral.
  6. I like the mystery, I think this sort of spoils it. I don't typically play any video games aside from first person shooters. I think Diablo II may be the only exception to that. The only reason that I continued playing this game after I died during the first night was because I was curious... what just happened? DST is now tied for my most favorite game ever (with the original Half-life).
  7. I saw a video of the only crafting menu on YouTube the other day. I am amazed at how archaic it looks after using the new menu. I am now used to the new menu, and would see the old menu as a downgrade.
  8. This ^^ I think that Sanity is perfect the way that it is. Not so easy that you ignore it entirely, but no so hard that it makes the game unplayable. Kiting under perfect conditions is easy. Kiting sanity monsters while doing something else is not the same thing. I would consider myself a pretty good DST player. I can kite 2-3 sanity monsters with ease. Last night I almost got wrecked by sanity monsters while freezing and my helmet broke. What are you going to do with 35hp, and no time to light a tree on fire, craft a helmet, or eat anything? Not so simple. I think that is the nature of game.... Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.
  9. Maybe they're going to reveal what the sealed portal does in the Ancient Archives.
  10. I think it is fine the way it is. It sort of goes hand in hand with the Klaus lore anyway. Why would Klaus reward you for killing his babies and beating him when he's pissed off? Just because something is difficult does not mean it should warrant a reward. Trying to kill a heard of mating Beefalo with an axe no armor is difficult. Doesn't mean you should be rewarded for your foolishness.
  11. Just found out that using the Mighty Gym as Wolfgang will eliminate the performance lag as well.
  12. Too many variables here to come to a conclusion on the issue. What kind of connection do you have? Is it wifi or hardwired? What is the speed of your data plan? What kind of Playstation (PS4, PS4 Pro, PS5). What region are you playing from? Any issues with your home network equipment? Is your router/modem old or is it a newer one? I have a gigabit plan and play hardwired with a fat boy PS4 and experience no issues with lag compensation enabled.
  13. The changing button thing would be cumbersome at best, especially the only free button being L3. I think the best solution would be to treat it like the ice or fire staff and have the weapon cast when pressing square/attack, regardless of if lock on has been achieved or not. The lock-on system works great for console players for the most part, but some things do not agree with it. The weather pain is one of those things.
  14. Update- Just tried playing tonight and using the crafting menu does not reduce lag. I found out that sleeping on a fur roll will eliminate the lag, I did not try it with a tent, but I imagine that it would have the same effect. I don't know how to describe it, but it feels like some sort of memory leak that has to do with the character animations. Each time that the character is in a fixed position (sleeping, examining skin gift, loading in the caves), the lag completely goes away for the other person.
  15. Because the other day someone playing Wendy stole items out of my Chester so I beat her ghost. What is a character like Webber supposed to do with Wendy starts demolishing the army he built up? Checks and balances. The person I play with is Wendy 99% of the time and accidently attacking her has never been an issue for us. As long as you control your character, most people do not intentionally beat Abigail intentionally.