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  1. This is still occurring even after patch 214
  2. Yeah! I too have experienced the Hound mound thing.
  3. Issue persists even after resetting all World Settings to default. The one exception was season duration (I currently have Autumn set to very long and Summer to Very Short) These settings were set that way prior to the bug appear so I left those alone.
  4. I have altered a few. including bunny men and pigs setting to more. But once I experienced this issue I reverted those settings back to default. I will try restoring all to default for several days and see if that fixes the issue.
  5. Issue persists in Update 208. even when far off screen for several days
  6. Ive spent several days away from the pig torches (very far off screen and even down in the caves) and come back to see that the pigs had yet to return If it helps I did take additional actions in the area of the pig torches. I was in a world that contains the pig torches with grass on the inside set piece. I Dug out all the grass. I planted 2 or 3 bunny hutches inside the set piece then walled in the set piece myself or the bunnies then killed all the pigs they will not re-spawn even after 50+ days in the world
  7. Pig torches normally re-spawn pigs every fews days but the torches no longer do since update 206
  8. Same here on PS4. seems to happen most often when my inventory is full and an item cannot be picked up. So, it loops. picking it up and tossing it on the ground then picking it up again and so on
  9. Ever since update 206 the pig torches in my world no longer generate pigs every few days. update 207 did not fix this bug. Also worth mentioning that some world settings do not 'save' and need to be changed again the next time you host your world. one example is summer length