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Crab king fight crashes

  • Fixed

After placing the gems inside of the crab king, he wakes up, starts his first casting spell and the game crashes trough it.

Not related to the bug, but could the radious of crab king interaction option be bigger. As of now you need to be super close and not have any other structure near by if you want to place the gem in with a controler.



(This is just an exemple)

You need to be that close to him to be able to socket the gems in it. And i had to redesign the boat because any structure in the boat have priority over crab king. Which isnt a big deal but it would only be a quality of life change. 


Have a nice day!

Steps to Reproduce

-Place all gems inside of crab king.

-Wait for him to do his first spell casting animation.


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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

He is really annoying to fight. everything in the sea is really tough to deal with using the controller! for now, I'll not do anything related to the sea, hoping in their upcoming update, they will release small boats just like SW. 


And yes, he crashes for me too.

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31 minutes ago, CharlesB said:

No, it seems to crash when he's activated. I'm testing the fix so it should be available in a couple of days.





After the game crash my PS4 can no longer identify my PSN plus for Don't Starve Together, I already restarted the console, and the error persists ... all other online games are normal, except Don't Starve Together (Mine  PSN plus subscription only expires next year) ... can you help me?  I just saw 4 more friends with the same problem

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