Steam engines slowly deleting total steam mass from starting amount.

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I've noticed that lately steam engines will slowly delete steam from a closed system, forcing you to add more water back in. I've never had this issue within standard ONI.

Steps to Reproduce

Build a steam generator that pumps it's output back into the steam that it uses. Have the system run for about 10-100 cycles and notice that the steam amount is lower than when you first started.

User Feedback

1 hour ago, RuiPalhas said:

Is the steam by any chance cooling down to water? Do you have a save you can share with the issue? 

I'm using the water to refuel the closed system (since it has ways to get heat back in to make the water turn to steam. I've several systems that I've built in my save that I've had to re add more water to keep them going since they are built on designs I've used in standard ONI (which had no issues with running out of steam).

Spacepad Cycle 2629.sav

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10 hours ago, sakura_sk said:

There is this bug report about vanishing steam. It seemed like the vent itself deleted the water coming out.

I just read over that and I've been personally wondering if the game isn't somehow deleting the steam as the water is being created from the conversion of the water particle changing into a water cell, either that or the steam engine itself is deleting the steam due to rounding errors.

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