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  1. Well it could be an oversight of the devs (kinda a bug) that they forgot about.
  2. Sleet Wheat dirt consumption

    This has always been the case. I've always thought it was meant to be that way.
  3. You should be able to queue up replacement orders if the material doesn't match. Not be forced to have to deconstruct and then rebuild a piece at a time.
  4. Can't queue up a build order to replace a rail / wire with a different type of metal like you can with tiles and ladders.
  5. Prince Pufts Product Oxylite

    This is a recent change since launch so penning princes with the other pufts wouldn't be so difficult since princes used to only eat Polluted oxygen.
  6. Never found that when I tried to look for the patch notes on what has changed.
  7. So i've noticed that there has been several hotfixs / patches (?) that have gone undocumented. Are we not getting patch / hotfix notes anymore since the game launched?
  8. Duplicant delivery behavior is odd

    I understand that, but its not normal when a dupe picks up a bunch of tiny amounts of material and then supplies each tiny material amount at a time, wasting work time. The 2 biggest culprits that I normally have this issue majorly with is steel and ceramic.
  9. I've been meaning to post something about this for a while, but I really wonder if its a bug with the way that duplicants deliver supplies for tasks. Sometimes they will deliver the whole amount in one trip and load, other times they have to take multiple trips and deliver a bunch of small amounts of materials (grams and sometimes even milligrams)
  10. I was wondering if it would be possible to get the compost to get a menu that allows you to select to auto compost food if it gets to a certain stale percentage (either that or add this to fridges), as well as the ability to auto compost seeds to a certain number remaining.
  11. Why not have a setting on the autominer to allow it to harm critters. Then you'd automate it to kill critters when you get too many.
  12. I've seen this issue for atmo suits if you have a task set between 2 different sets of suits and checkpoints.
  13. I've discovered a bug with conveyor loaders that they will still randomly produce polluted oxygen even when emptied of slime (I wonder if it happens with oxylite and bleach stone). I'm attaching my save and the loader in question is in my screenshot. Note there isn't any slime on the conveyor rail going from it either. Idyllic Acropolis.sav
  14. Using the dig tool to uproot wild plants will set the priority to 5 despite what you have your priority set to for the currently on the dig tool.
  15. Small amounts of ice don't melt

    I've been having this issue with ice on my conveyor rail cooling system within my geysers.