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  1. When constructing pipes / wires over ones of different material (or of different category such as normal pipes with insulated) that it will always default to a construction of 5 rather than the construction level that you have set when building.
  2. I've noticed that there is a lack of things to do with skill points once you get to a point that your dupes can't get any more job skills due to morale limits. So I've a suggestion on a alternative usage for skill points: Duplicant Gene Resequencing Pod. This would be a late game technology that would require automation technology and basic rocketry technology. What this would do is allow a duplicant to be assigned and get a selected attribute bonus for 1 skill point and some of their work time. Duplicant Gene Resequencing Pod Stats: 1200 W required 10kDTU heat gas input to fill up storage tank for oxygen (which would be used a rate of however much the duplicant inside needs per second) gas output for duplicant carbon dioxide production while being reseqeuenced 180 seconds (1/2 cycle in case I didn't remember right) to complete resequencing 4x4 space requirement.
  3. Now the reason I'm suggesting this is there is some times where I want to build a machine in a vacuum and still be able to pull heat from it running (which you can't do without gases touching the machine). Now of course you'd need something to run through it like gas or liquids to cool the heat sink. This could be used for pulling heat more directly from machines without it causing too much heat to dissipate into the surroundings, but if it wasn't cooled it would most likely cause more heat dissipation. Either that or allow tempshift plates to pull heat from machines in a vacuum rather than making an entirely new type of background building.
  4. Here's my save file. It's not happening at the moment (I've had to deconstruct and reconstruct ice makers several times however). The Doomed Dystopia.sav Ok. Just had one get stuck again and I saved once I noticed that one did. Here's the save again. The Doomed Dystopia.sav
  5. The incubator refuses to remember if its option for continuous incubation is set to not be continuous. I've always have to change it on reload.
  6. As seen in the screen shot they are stuck trying to make mcg worth of water into ice constantly creating heat.
  7. When changing a freshly planted plant's harvest priority I've noticed it will affect a plot's or planter box's priority until you reload.
  8. I've noticed recently that despite being hooked upto smart batteries to disable them so they don't cap on energy in the smart batteries, hydrogen generators will report wrongly that they are wasting energy despite charging the smart battery they are hooked upto (again not full and set to 90% or less for standby).
  9. Well I wouldn't mind so much if the AETN dismantled into stuff that would make the AETN rebuildable. Also I get that, as I wish the rest of the useless POI could be deconstructed. Well I figured that they put them into the game as "End game" type buildings that do more than your duplicant built buildings. I haven't played a very long game before my current one.
  10. I'm pretty sure this isn't intended as I noticed that one of my dupes started to decontruct one when I was deconstructing other stuff near by and did a mass deconstruct order. Without being able to build them I really think that they shouldn't be able to be deconstructed, that is unless they gave special materials to rebuild them in a different spot of your choosing (limits the number you can have still without messing up someone that doesn't notice they can be deconstructed).
  11. I've found that my algae distillers and my electric grill is sometimes getting stuff that isn't supposed to be inside them, as seen in the images. When you deconstruct them it actually gives the items that it has so its not a display bug. I'm not sure what is causing this as I'm certain that the dupes haven't delivered any of those things purposefully (I kinda wonder if it has to do something with dupe inventory that they may be carrying not being dropped off completely or something like that, either that or its a loading bug). EDIT: I just watched one of my dupes bring a pepper bread to a storage bin when i set it to yellow (!!) priority for a raw mineral. I think there may be an issue with yellow (!!) priority.
  12. Dupes never work on hydrogen generators even if they are with a power control station. I'm not certain if this is the only generator that doesn't work with them (my guess if it isn't the only one it has something to do with the generators that don't normally show priority). Notes: My dupes with the Tune up trait are set to the highest priority, and are working on my coal generators just fine in a power control room (set to priority 9 on them).
  13. I just noticed (been playing ONI for a while so i'm surprised i didn't catch this sooner) that the critter feeder lacks a few of the types of food items to feed to the bug type critters (both bug and nymphs). So far the list of food items missing: Abyss: Phosphorus Azure: Phosphorus Coral: Gristle Berry Royal: Gristle Berry Sun: Gristle Berry Shine: Gristle Berry I would check all the critter types to ensure that no other food items are missing from the critter feeder. EDIT: I've looked at the other types and here is what is missing Hatch: Crushed Rock (Unused so not as important), Muckroot, Mush Bar, Pickled Meal Sage: Mush Bar, Mush Fry, Pickled Meal Shove Vole: Regolith
  14. I've recently noticed that with stifled plants that they continue to use resources despite growth being halted.