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  1. Just noticed that one of my dupes apparently thinks copper can be incubated into a critter. Not sure who done it though....
  2. I have this issue a lot of the time after expanding the resource tab. In order to fix it you have to pause the game and minimize the resources. Wait a few seconds, then unpause the game. It's really annoying.
  3. Here's a couple of screenshots from a quick test I did just now (since my water lately hasn't reached near 150 when i seen the issue in my normal game). I believe I messed up on the left test with the regolith falling onto the glass since when I used to see it the glass was also at 150 degrees F (forgot to set it to that). But you can see on the right one that steam is created when it shouldn't be. (The mesh tile and airflow tile are at standard temperature when using sandbox).
  4. I wonder if this bug has something to do with what I've experienced with regolith falling on top of a mesh block and causing water to turn to steam instantly (rather than heating up gradually). It's been a problem with my regolith auto clearing system if my water is not below 150 degrees F.
  5. Reservoirs won't output their contents if the pipe they output on has any amount of materials passing through it, despite being the same as the contents of the reservoir and having less than the maximum of the pipe in the output location.
  6. Been forgetting to post this bug everytime i see it happen. Fish will lose the ability to pathfind until after reload if for whatever reason their liquid they are in changes somehow from the bottom up. This will always happen when another liquid falls in that displaces their liquid and you mop it out using a duplicant.
  7. I've also noticed that molten larvas show molten slickster rather than molten larva as above.
  8. Kelly's mop is messed up in the bottom right hand side of the screen shot Otto has hair styles all over his face. These are just some samples of the issues graphically with these 2 animations that need to be fixed.
  9. Recently noticed that mafic rock can't be crushed for sand, and isn't eligible for using in building pipes.
  10. I just recently noticed that pufts calorie information shows puflet rather than puft, which leads me to think that they are using the puflet's intake amount per day, but the pufts calorie usage per day (hence constantly starving after about the age of 15 or so).
  11. Well I'm not sure if I've encountered this, but I've randomly had a pipe overheat and then water spill out, but the weird thing is that it was polluted water in a radiant pipe being used to cool a pool of water that my copper volcano is submerged in, yet it should have left clean water when that happened, but yet I somehow ended up with polluted water at the bottom of my pool as seen in the screenshot. The pipe in question I had one of my dupes go in and repair it (it was up and to the left of the trapped polluted water).
  12. I'm not sure how, but my dupes have loaded water into a conveyor rail along with an egg that isn't set for my loader....???? o.O Golden Abode.sav Edit: No mods, just Vanilla ONI before I forget.
  13. Well other than Klei fixing the code to allow 2 different types of materials to be used at once as long as it meets the total required needs for the building's task.
  14. If I had to guess it probably has something to do with the building being unable to use 2 different filtration mediums at once (much like the bug with petroleum engines having issues with having both petroleum and ethanol in them at once.)
  15. I get that the map may connect from left to right, but it seems a bit like a bug, as the dupes can't travel from the left to the right and vice versa.