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  1. While mods are great and all, sometimes they can be hit and miss. I'd rather there be something base game without having to use mods.
  2. I would like to see an option to disable any type of item that normally can come in care packages that isn't made of genetic ooze (such as the glass, raw materials, metals etc).
  3. I would like to see a building added that would allow us to grow new plants that normally aren't harvested. Something like a plant nursery, it would take a plant that is normally non renewable (decor plants, utility plants) and your dupes would have to care for the plants in question regularly or they would die and leave no seeds behind (make as sort of a risk to do maybe?). But basically the idea would be that the dupes would clip a part of the plant in question to grow a new plant from and the old plant would be in a healing state that would reduce its effects by 75% for 10 - 30 cycles (Decor would be around 10 cycles and utility plants near 30 or something like that). Decor plants would just require water (1 kg per cycle) and dirt (1 kg per cycle), while the utility plants would require double what they normally do for their fertilizer. This would be for both the original plant and the clipping. Values could be adjusted but that's basically my idea. Yes I know that you can play with care packages to get more seeds, but I'd like a way to do so without care packages.
  4. I wanted to just suggest this as a minor change to the cuddle pip's duplicant hugging animation. I really think they should use their ears too on hugging the duplicant.
  5. I just recently noticed that when materials freeze inside of a mechanical door that the tiles will stop existing upon reloading (this is after the game has been saved with them previously).
  6. I just noticed that the mini pods can't be deconstructed once built. I'm not sure if this is intended or not (which honestly it makes no sense for the mini pods not to be able to be moved around).
  7. This has been an issue forever. You either have to sweep the egg via the sweep tool, or select the egg by finding where it actually is considered in the game (generally between the tile its sitting on and the one below it). This also occurs with pip, drecko and shine bug eggs (since they have the ability to fall since the critters aren't always on the ground).
  8. Tiles that contain substances that would normally be exposed to space but also have a Pnematic Door / Airflow TIle / Mesh tile will incorrectly list that the substance is space exposed (thus making players think that they are losing substances to space).
  9. I recently noticed that grubfruit plants will change priority to the priority of the plot they are planted in when they revert to spindly grubfruit plants or when spindly grubfruit plants get upgraded to grubfruit plants. This is an issue when you want the plot to have low priority so that dupes will not bother with filling the plots with sulfur when you have automated systems in place to take care of that, but want the dupes to always harvest the plant at a higher priority.
  10. I didn't get a screenshot in time, but I just noticed that with one of my mechanical airlocks that it randomly decided the bottom half (the tile with the power and automation connections) was considered a solid tile while it was open while looking at my gas overlay.
  11. Bridges have always worked this way. Rather than having heat interact with whatever is crossing through them they instead interact with whatever tiles their input and output are touching. This means that if you have one end touching a hot area and another touching a cool area the heat will interact with both ends of the bridge. Also bridges don't interact with heat on the input end for transported materials, but the output end will interact with heat for the transported material.
  12. Still seeing it now more frequently. Not using any mods. If Klei doesn't want us filling our asteroids with large bases they should cut each asteroid down to about a 3rd of its current size.
  13. This is the bug I've encountered 3 times randomly over the course of a week and a half I believe.
  14. If you have gases or liquids trying to leave a grounded rocket's spacefarer input ports while the pipes outside the rocket on the world that it is grounded on is full, the ports will vent the materials into space (which according to the spacefarer input ports should only happen while in flight).
  15. Well this is terrible. If the game works this way technically, then its as I thought that the game works as one giant area that is trying to be drawn / simulated rather than multiple "chunks".