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Wrangled Hatches Bugged - Stuck Burrowing/Unborrowing and cannot be moved

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Fixed

It's becoming very regular now, but when a Hatch has been wrangled it can stay on the spot jumping out of the ground, then immediately burrowing, then jumping out of the ground, and repeating this process until morning. The hatches cannot be moved, and can only attacked.

I have 1 save game (attached) where every single hatch in the game has this bug and therefore I could not begin farming them at all. Very frustrating.

Now, the game I am playing after the mentioned save game is experiencing this with all new wrangle attempts, although luckily 2 hatches did not get bugged. This is very frustrating now and is making me not want to play this buggy game any more (although can't get a refund any longer...) as I am losing the ability to farm hatches, making my chosen +7 Husbandry dupes a waste of time. Others on Reddit have experienced the same bug.

Inspiring Crater Cycle 21.sav (1).png

Inspiring Crater Cycle 21.sav (1).sav

Steps to Reproduce

Wrangle Hatches

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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

This looks the same issue as in the "Hatch Wrangle to Burrowed in Midair" bug report. Unfortunately I don't know how to place a link here. 

I have found 6 versions of this bug in separate bug reports, I wil post this same message to all the bug reports in question.

The first one reported (I think) was "Hatch Wrangle to Burrowed in Midair"

the others are:

"trussed hatch teleporting around"

"Hatch wrangle glitch"

"Hatch AI broken"

"Issue With Wrangling Hatches"

"Wrangled Hatches Bugged - Stuck Burrowing/Unborrowing and cannot be moved"

I suggest all reports should be combined under the first one. And everyone with this bug should at least follow that bug report. 

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