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  1. Please reopen - this issue has not been fixed as of current build. System: Linux (Ubuntu Hirsute Hippo) Processor: ARM Ryzen 7 Cornucopia.sav
  2. Same here dupes are using the telescope when all starmap targets have been analysed. Can submit saves and/or screenshot
  3. For what it's worth I have also seen this bug. if the rocket launches while the user isn't looking other graphical glitches can occur e.g. the fill bars on the fuel and cargo modules remaining in place, see attached screenshot.
  4. I have the same issue, can post saves/screenshots. This is the first time I come across this but many of my power designs rely on this tool. In my case automation signal is red but shutoff stays connected, leading to overloads.
  5. Possibly related: upon entering the volcano for the first time there will always be a friendly pig at the entrance
  6. Can confirm this occurs for me too pretty reliably, allows the player to hit mobs while sailing towards them, making fights vs e.g. floaty boaty knights trivial
  7. Can confirm here as well; though the bug does not occur reliably - some waves are as expected, some only seem to spawn one crocodog
  8. Can confirm this occurs for me as well, same error message. Crash is recurrent and reproducible, however I can't submit my files through the game, the upload fails...
  9. Unsure whether the QoL Mk1 update should have the fix or whether the fix is for a next patch - can confirm this happens as of QoL Mk1. Puft Prince in screenshot is stuck at expelling waste. Had a previous puft who also got stuck similarly until death.