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Sweeper stalling out at odd times.

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I'm getting some rather odd sweeper delays while playing in the sandbox.  I'm trying to build a kiln heater to see if it'll work, and my sweeper arms are not working for periods of time, and then suddenly kick in.


The priority settings as I understand them should work as follows: Load coal to Loader (1), ship coal to receptacle (3).  Load Kiln (5).

At this point it's hit or miss when the sweeper starts wanting to be helpful.

After the refined carbon is created by the kiln (once it finally loads) it should load the refined carbon into the other loader (4) to move it to receptacle (5)  which should then be pushed over into the nearby compactor (6).

Once again, my sweeper arms just 'get around' to doing the job eventually, but they're certainly not timely about it.  The receptacle (5) is full more often than not.

I've checked my power system and removed a bunch of other components that could have been interfering due to lag or some other concern.  All you should have to do is watch Recepticle (5) fill up while loader (1) gets fed but recipticle (5) won't get cleared out into the compactor.  Recepticle (3) will also be easy to see that it won't load more coal into the working kiln in a short time.


Odd Sweeper results.JPG

Sandbox 1.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Please see attached file and message.

User Feedback

Can confirm. I've experienced this bug twice in the last couple days. The sweepers show "delivering" and both them and the conveyor receptacle freeze, that is, the receptacle becomes unavailable to other sweepers but still takes items from the belt. Enabling/disabling does not affect the bug.

Reloading the map/game unfreezes them.


In this image the middle sweeper is bugged and is both not doing anything itself and and is preventing the top sweeper from emptying the receptacle. As I was examining this an egg expired and the top sweeper swept the eggshell... though it seems to be ignoring the raw egg as well now....

Anyway, savefile is attached, though the bug is not persistent across saves/loads. (Sweepers get real busy after load though)

Merry Pigpen.sav

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Experienced the same issue yesterday. Even deconstructing and rebuilding the conveyor receptacle and sweeper did not solve the issue, only reloading.

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I have experienced the same issue umpteen times. And I can confirm that this isn't a recent issue. I have seen this happen before too (even pre-cosmic) and its very frustrating when you put in hours and metals to make automation circuits and then they dont work.

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i have noticed that the sound will loop and stall for the sweeper movement if it runs into 2 objects with the same priority. it will even continue making the noise during a automatic game save.

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