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  1. Been seeing a lot of Black Holes eating my game since this patch. Edit: Crashing every time now. Save file: The Luckless Home.sav I am at cycle 499 and crashes before i can go to 500 everytime. output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  2. I can see that while randomizing attributes for a particular asteroid, I find these traits appearing simultaneously- Geoactive and Geodormant, Metal rich and Metal poor. Is this intended ?
  3. 1. The Ice Machine says "A duplicant can work on the machine to convert water into ice". But all a duplicant does is deliver water to it, but the machine does not need a duplicant to operate it actively. Also can we get to have a liquid input port for the ice machine and not have water be delivered to it manually. 2. I am unable to find the 'Insulated Storage'. Where is it available?
  4. I am facing exactly the same issue currently. Dupes going mindless for a mini second and then back to work but thats frustrating to watch and wastes so much time.
  5. This is not a bug. From what I can deduce, this happens when a deconstruction errand has been initiated but not completed, as in the dupe had to leave the job halfway due to some reason (mostly schedule change).
  6. In the image you shared, in the mouse hover info over the 1KW wire, you can see that the power demand on the circuit is 1128.86 W whereas the max capacity for the wire is 1000 W, leading to overloading and breaking. Voltage is represented by power capacity of wires in the game and the Power Transformers work great in that regard. Also, upon overloading a wire will break where the integrity of the wire is weakest and not necessarily near the source or the consumer. Thats why IRL, wires often break/burn at unpredictable places. The game does a good job by making this random.
  7. If you are an electrical engineer, you should know that there needs to be a Transformer when you change from a High voltage power line to a Low voltage power line. Thats the reason why the low power wires are breaking at random points. Its as real as it gets.
  8. Bed Assignment has a bug now. When i am assigning a bed to a dupe, I cant see which other dupes have been assigned a bed.
  9. Well, I was playing ONI when this fix dropped and my game crashed. Then I saw this update.
  10. I had the same issue yesterday. I initially thought I had placed a dig order on a Neutronium tile, the dupe was digging continuously to no avail but it was just regular snow. I had to cancel the dig and redig.
  11. I have experienced the same issue umpteen times. And I can confirm that this isn't a recent issue. I have seen this happen before too (even pre-cosmic) and its very frustrating when you put in hours and metals to make automation circuits and then they dont work.
  12. You should use a buffer between Oil Refinery & PG, maybe a Tank or a Reservoir.
  13. If a job has been mastered, the dupe will keep the morale expectations for that job no matter what.