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starmap bugged

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For some reason every planet shows twice on the map this is true over multiple save games as you can see when you hover over one it will highlight both analysing one will complete both, basicly the whole starmap is there twice but they are shifted, i have a hunch it cause of my screen 21:9 widescreen


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every save file has it so not sure

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Question: Is it just showing twice? What happens, if you scan (or even visit) one target? Is the duplicant also be scanned, or is it still unkown?

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ye they just show twice but cause of the wierd overlap and for some the double being rendered out of view it a pain to figure out what is what

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Got same issue as well. There's several cues it 's the same asteroid rendered multiple times.

- The mouse hover on the Organic Mass asteroid. The text is showing on both.
- The arrows on the selected astreroid (30k range)
- The starship icon on the current mission. I only have one rocket in the game at the moment.

And not visible in the screenshot, but when analyzing the stats of an asteroid with the telescope, 2 asteroids would unlock they're secrets after a single completion of research.


It's not all asteroids, though. It appears the right-aligned asteroids are not shown multiple times. Only the ones on the left and the ones in the middle. When running windowed mode and narrowing the screen a bit, the duplication is not visible anymore.


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I just got the same bug for the 1st time however it happened in ring 1.
I analyzed all 3 asteroids in the 1st ring. Sent a rocket to 2 and then it showed 1 of the asteroids as a duplicate.
Then again I show a duplicate in ring 4 and screenshot shows another possible in the next ring.


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