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Q1-297718 Smart Battry make a crash

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

today updated
Smart Battery and similar building now all text input
There is a critical problem




work well



korean mod


when click on the text box

error occured


While you're modifying, search the research tree and modify the Korean input.
In debug mode, Korean is well entered.

Steps to Reproduce
1. game with korean mod 2. build Smart Battery 3. click text input box

User Feedback

14 hours ago, Ipsquiggle said:

Do other text/number inputs also break or is it just this one?

I just checked all the text input buildings.
They all function normally, but the smart battery and massage table have the same effect as anigif below.


Come to think of it, the options on the slider menu of the smart battery are not from the smart battery, but from the massage table.

For a study search, it doesn't cause a crash, it just doesn't show.

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