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  1. I want a wireless signals edition as official dlc,not a mod
  2. Dupes can get skill point without limits,when they got a high morale,every dupelicant can learn all necessary skills,the job has no peculiarity. If we want each dupes mastery only 1 or 2 jobs,the max skill point must be limited,such as 10 points. No dupes should be superman can do all jobs,player need trade-off how to assign jobs.
  3. Dupes don't eat food and he always feel full for 4000 calorie,also he can't get the food Buff
  4. We need wifi

    I think a base station is necessary to provide wifi signal,that's more real,picture can use this one,already exists in the game
  5. 夏天马上就要来了,想不想看复制人的泳装版呢,纺织机新增项目“泳装”,新的建筑“泳装检查点”,泳装检查点必须建造在娱乐室门口且娱乐室需要至少2格以上的水,水温要求293K~308K之间满足条件后复制人会在休息时间进入泳池游泳,获得-20%压力buff持续1周期 Summer is coming,do you want to see the duplicant with bikini, textile loom add new item "swimsuit",new buliding “swimsuit checkpoint”,swimsuit checkpoint must build near the recreation room and the recreation room must have at least 2 grid water at 293K~308K when satisfied duplicants can swimming at the downtime,got a buff of -20% stress for 1 circle
  6. 有时候做自动化需要拉超长的一根线,比如跨度超过50格以上,线路多了布线就很不方便,这都9102年了怎么能没有wifi呢,给所有自动化开关增加wifi版,新增建筑“基站”、“中继站”之类的用来提供wifi信号,wifi版的开关和目标建筑可以设置信道,通过信道匹配来进行远程控制,另外火箭增加“卫星”,作为“基站”的终极版可以给全图提供wifi Automation without wire,each switch got a wifi edition,switch can match machine by channel,new build “base station”、“repeater station” to provide wifi signal,rocket add new item “satellite”,satellite can provide wifi for the whole map
  7. Egg cracker don't work on nymph egg.
  8. The window layer is abnormal after the last update,fix that for the OCD patients,please!
  9. Layer of the Joint Plate is not at the correct position,as an obsessive is just unbearable……
  10. Duplicant keep carrying water into the microbe musher,even the contents of water is full