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  1. Current lag

    Every time you deconstruct each pipes, you'll be attacked by lag. If you can bear the pain of lag and the liquid overflowing on the floor then deconstruct all the pipes and build new pipe system. Or build a New Colony.
  2. I just checked it out too. I think we should use the automation wire bridge before patch
  3. Current lag

    When you construct or disconstruct a pipe, your CPU recalculate the flow of liquid. Your pipe system has many intersections. So it seems like a huge lag is being created when the pipes are being built. I am remove some of the pipes that looked complicated, lag was somewhat relieved. All the pipes were disconstructed, there was no more lag. I thought this was a bug (more lag than expected), and I reported this, but I didn't get any answers. So this is all I can say to you. With a more concise pipe system, lag will be disapeared.
  4. Hi there. Before the mk3 upgrade, I've gather a string issue in beta branch. My language is not English so there may be awkward or even incorrect expressions. But I hope there's a little help. 1. need a new string in load game screen Base Name, Newest Save, AUTO, Cycle, Cycles Survived, Duplicants Alive and if possible templates of dates ( like YY/MM/DD, HH:MM:SS) #. STRINGS.UI.FRONTEND.LOADSCREEN.SAVEDETAILS msgctxt "STRINGS.UI.FRONTEND.LOADSCREEN.SAVEDETAILS" msgid "<b>File:</b> {0}\n\n<b>Save Date:</b>\n{1}\n\n<b>Base Name:</b> {2}\n<b>Duplicants Alive:</b> {3}\n<b>Cycle(s) Survived:</b> {4}" There are similar strings, but not fit on form. 'Total Skill Points:' in manage screens and tooltips 'Cycle' in Tooltip-Bio #. STRINGS.DUPLICANTS.ARRIVALTIME msgctxt "STRINGS.DUPLICANTS.ARRIVALTIME" msgid "Age: " #. STRINGS.DUPLICANTS.ARRIVALTIME_TOOLTIP msgctxt "STRINGS.DUPLICANTS.ARRIVALTIME_TOOLTIP" msgid "This {1} was printed on Cycle {0}" There is a need for something like '{0} Cycles' 2. translation strings not working Conveyor Shutoff's tooltip message is not working. #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.SOLIDLOGICVALVE.EFFECT msgctxt "STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.SOLIDLOGICVALVE.EFFECT" msgid "Connects to an <link=\"LOGIC\">Automation</link> grid to automatically turn <link=\"ELEMENTSSOLID\">Solid Material</link> transport on or off." msgid "1" It didn't work evenif changed it to the simplest string, "1." In the same, automation overlay description messages of the following are not working. Memory Toggle #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICMEMORY.READ_PORT #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICMEMORY.READ_PORT_ACTIVE #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICMEMORY.READ_PORT_INACTIVE #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICMEMORY.RESET_PORT #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICMEMORY.RESET_PORT_ACTIVE #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICMEMORY.RESET_PORT_INACTIVE #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICMEMORY.SET_PORT #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICMEMORY.SET_PORT_ACTIVE #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICMEMORY.SET_PORT_INACTIVE #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICMEMORY.STATUS_ITEM_VALUE Liquid Pipe Element Sensor #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LIQUIDCONDUITELEMENTSENSOR.LOGIC_PORT #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LIQUIDCONDUITELEMENTSENSOR.LOGIC_PORT_ACTIVE #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LIQUIDCONDUITELEMENTSENSOR.LOGIC_PORT_INACTIVE Liquid Pipe Germ Sensor #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LIQUIDCONDUITDISEASESENSOR.LOGIC_PORT #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LIQUIDCONDUITDISEASESENSOR.LOGIC_PORT_ACTIVE #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LIQUIDCONDUITDISEASESENSOR.LOGIC_PORT_INACTIVE Liquid Pipe Thermo Sensor #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LIQUIDCONDUITTEMPERATURESENSOR.LOGIC_PORT #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LIQUIDCONDUITTEMPERATURESENSOR.LOGIC_PORT_ACTIVE #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LIQUIDCONDUITTEMPERATURESENSOR.LOGIC_PORT_INACTIVE Gas Pipe Element Sensor #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.GASCONDUITELEMENTSENSOR.LOGIC_PORT #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.GASCONDUITELEMENTSENSOR.LOGIC_PORT_ACTIVE #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.GASCONDUITELEMENTSENSOR.LOGIC_PORT_INACTIVE Gas Pipe Germ Sensor #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.GASCONDUITDISEASESENSOR.LOGIC_PORT #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.GASCONDUITDISEASESENSOR.LOGIC_PORT_ACTIVE #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.GASCONDUITDISEASESENSOR.LOGIC_PORT_INACTIVE Gas Pipe Thermo Sensor #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.GASCONDUITTEMPERATURESENSOR.LOGIC_PORT #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.GASCONDUITTEMPERATURESENSOR.LOGIC_PORT_ACTIVE #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.GASCONDUITTEMPERATURESENSOR.LOGIC_PORT_INACTIVE Signal Switch ( share with 'Weight Plate' ) #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICSWITCH.LOGIC_PORT #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICSWITCH.LOGIC_PORT_ACTIVE #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICSWITCH.LOGIC_PORT_INACTIVE Atmo Sensor #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICPRESSURESENSORGAS.LOGIC_PORT #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICPRESSURESENSORGAS.LOGIC_PORT_ACTIVE #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICPRESSURESENSORGAS.LOGIC_PORT_INACTIVE Hydro Sensor #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICPRESSURESENSORLIQUID.LOGIC_PORT #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICPRESSURESENSORLIQUID.LOGIC_PORT_ACTIVE #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICPRESSURESENSORLIQUID.LOGIC_PORT_INACTIVE Thermo Sensor #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICTEMPERATURESENSOR.LOGIC_PORT #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICTEMPERATURESENSOR.LOGIC_PORT_ACTIVE #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICTEMPERATURESENSOR.LOGIC_PORT_INACTIVE Clock Sensor #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICTIMEOFDAYSENSOR.LOGIC_PORT #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICTIMEOFDAYSENSOR.LOGIC_PORT_ACTIVE #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICTIMEOFDAYSENSOR.LOGIC_PORT_INACTIVE Germ Sensor #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICDISEASESENSOR.LOGIC_PORT #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICDISEASESENSOR.LOGIC_PORT_ACTIVE #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICDISEASESENSOR.LOGIC_PORT_INACTIVE Gas Element Sensor #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICELEMENTSENSORGAS.LOGIC_PORT #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICELEMENTSENSORGAS.LOGIC_PORT_ACTIVE #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICELEMENTSENSORGAS.LOGIC_PORT_INACTIVE Critter Sensor #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICCRITTERCOUNTSENSOR.LOGIC_PORT #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICCRITTERCOUNTSENSOR.LOGIC_PORT_ACTIVE #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICCRITTERCOUNTSENSOR.LOGIC_PORT_INACTIVE Power Shutoff #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICPOWERRELAY.LOGIC_PORT #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICPOWERRELAY.LOGIC_PORT_ACTIVE #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICPOWERRELAY.LOGIC_PORT_INACTIVE Building auto input #. STRINGS.UI.LOGIC_PORTS.CONTROL_OPERATIONAL #. STRINGS.UI.LOGIC_PORTS.CONTROL_OPERATIONAL_ACTIVE #. STRINGS.UI.LOGIC_PORTS.CONTROL_OPERATIONAL_INACTIVE In the same too, Mod DB error message is not working. #. STRINGS.UI.FRONTEND.MODS.DB_CORRUPT msgctxt "STRINGS.UI.FRONTEND.MODS.DB_CORRUPT" msgid "An error occurred trying to load the Mod Database.\n\n{0}" msgstr "MOD 자료를 불러오는 동안 오류가 발생했습니다.\n\n{0}" and 'OK' is need new string. 3. strings that need correction door's change state #. STRINGS.BUILDING.STATUSITEMS.CHANGEDOORCONTROLSTATE.NAME msgctxt "STRINGS.BUILDING.STATUSITEMS.CHANGEDOORCONTROLSTATE.NAME" msgid "Pending Door State Change: {ControlState}" msgstr "문 상태 변경 대기 중: {ControlState}" The opened, auto, and locked of the current state are properly translated. However, the opened, auto, and locked state waiting for change do not translate. Make changed door's {ControlState} refers to currentdoor's opened, auto, and locked. Or need a new strings for a changedoor's state. string of heat stroke #. STRINGS.DUPLICANTS.DISEASES.HEATSICKNESS.NAME msgctxt "STRINGS.DUPLICANTS.DISEASES.HEATSICKNESS.NAME" msgid "<link=\"HEATSICKNESS\">Heat Stroke</link>" msgid "<link=\"HEATSICKNESS\">열사병</link>" Currently, heat stroke's strings are connected with hypothermia. I thought this both was an integration because it was associated with the change in body temperature (up or down) of the duplicant I opened the worked file for the RocketUpdate because it was separately connected in my memory. Then I found that the tag had changed and was not being applied. Tag was changed from HEATRASH to HEATSICKNESS. A new string or link modification is required. string of food decayed #. STRINGS.MISC.NOTIFICATIONS.FOODROT.NAME msgctxt "STRINGS.MISC.NOTIFICATIONS.FOODROT.NAME" msgid "Food has decayed" #. STRINGS.MISC.NOTIFICATIONS.FOODROT.TOOLTIP msgctxt "STRINGS.MISC.NOTIFICATIONS.FOODROT.TOOLTIP" msgid "These <link=\"FOOD\">Food</link> items have rotted and are no longer edible:\n• {0}" '\n\n' seems to have gone into the wrong in '{0}'. If the original intention is to look like the black box below, it is necessary to amend '{0}''s inside. or, deleting '•' and '{0}''s '\n\n' in is enough. STARMAP's hotkey #. STRINGS.UI.TOOLTIPS.MANAGEMENTMENU_STARMAP msgctxt "STRINGS.UI.TOOLTIPS.MANAGEMENTMENU_STARMAP" msgid "Manage astronaut rocket missions {Hotkey}" STARMAP's hotkey is Z. However, it is shown as R on the screen.(The each hotkeys Z and R operate correctly.) R is the hotkey of RESEARCH so requires modification. Allergic reaction's stress tooltip #. STRINGS.DUPLICANTS.DISEASES.ZOMBIESICKNESS.NAME msgctxt "STRINGS.DUPLICANTS.DISEASES.ZOMBIESICKNESS.NAME" msgid "<link=\"ZOMBIESICKNESS\">The Spores</link>" #. STRINGS.DUPLICANTS.DISEASES.ALLERGIES.NAME msgctxt "STRINGS.DUPLICANTS.DISEASES.ALLERGIES.NAME" msgid "<link=\"ALLERGIES\">Allergic Reaction</link>" The cause of stress is an allergic reaction. However, tooltips are shown as 'The spores'. 'The spores' belongs to zombie sickness. The link needs modification. Correct tooltips's temperature units Set the temperature unit to Celsius, and look at the overheat temperature of the tooltip. Confusion can occur because it is calculated at Kelvin. I think 'Base Value' should also change depending on the settings(Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin). buffer & filter gate parameter's tooltip #. STRINGS.UI.UISIDESCREENS.LOGIC_DELAY_SIDE_SCREEN.TITLE msgctxt "STRINGS.UI.UISIDESCREENS.LOGIC_DELAY_SIDE_SCREEN.TITLE" msgid "Active Buffer Time" #. STRINGS.UI.UISIDESCREENS.LOGIC_DELAY_SIDE_SCREEN.TOOLTIP msgctxt "STRINGS.UI.UISIDESCREENS.LOGIC_DELAY_SIDE_SCREEN.TOOLTIP" msgid "This gate will continue to send an Active signal for {0} seconds after entering Standby" The contents of '{0}' are not displayed. The string of the filter gate only does not exist and shares that of the buffer gate. I think the correct display of '{0}' and the string of the filter gate alone are necessary. two different description of one interest #. STRINGS.DUPLICANTS.ROLES.GROUPS.APTITUDE_DESCRIPTION msgctxt "STRINGS.DUPLICANTS.ROLES.GROUPS.APTITUDE_DESCRIPTION" msgid "This Duplicant enjoys performing {0} errands will incur {1} less Morale Expectation from learning an associated skill" On the screen of choosing a duplicant, the tooltip of interest is shown to reduce the morale expectations of the interested skill by '1'. but, the tooltip of the individual duplicant interest is shown as '0.5'. After checking it, it was confirmed that '1' was correct. '0.5' is thought to be a remnant of 50% of the previous job experience. Because they both use the same string, I think, need to modify the value of '{1}' interest's tooltip on the personal screen. I'm always thankful for your effort. strings.po --------------------------------------------------------------- Can anyone tell me how to reveal and hide the contents?
  5. Research "Pathogen Diagnostics", the 3-tier tech of "Pharmacology." I hope the research tree shows you what kind of drugs you can manufacture.
  6. Can't dose antihistamine. They are busy sneezing. Finally, they couldn't take medicine and went to the toilet. allergy.sav If there is only one medicine, take it after two or three sneezes.(The progress is maintained.) However, multiple medicines appear to be resetting to take other medicine. or Is sneezing stopping other dupes from taking drugs?
  7. I think "{0}" is started with "\n" so need not space. and I ask about below #. STRINGS.CREATURES.SPECIES.EVILFLOWER.DESC msgctxt "STRINGS.CREATURES.SPECIES.EVILFLOWER.DESC" msgid "This beautiful specemin is actually the host for a particularly nast strain of brain fungus." This beautiful specemin is actually the host for a particularly nast strain of brain fungus. Two words(under bar) are not in the dictionary. So I was translated under the assumption. like this : This beautiful specimen is actually the host for a particularly nest strain of brain fungus. I ask if there's any other meaning I don't know.
  8. Wow, that's great! I saw a black hole.
  9. Dupes don´t get sick

    When the q3 beta started, I experimented with 10 duplicants. There was food poisoning in every foods, and there was a slimelung in every oxygen. Only one dupe suffered from food poisoning during in 30 cycles. The slimelung that suffered for 2 cycles had an average of one or two dupe always. If you'd increased the number of duplicants, you'd have a different conclusion.
  10. I have made isolated Steam Turbine and Aquatuner. ST.sav Steam Turbine Input: 165°C steam with 2kg Output: 95°C water of 2kg Aquatuner Input: 10kg of A°C water Output: 10 kg (A-14)°C water (165-95)°C x 2 kg = 14°C x 10 kg = 140°C kg Theoretically, it need to achieve equilibrium. But as time went by, the steam temperature dropped. You have to look at this before you come to a conclusion. If a 95°C steam causes a phase change to water, it becomes 96.5°C. And If water at 195°C phase changes to steam, it becomes 193.1°C. Water released from steam turbines comes in the form of liquid and becomes steam, a gas. However, the steam entering the steam turbine becomes liquid water as an internal process. So I think constant one-way phase changes in the process gradually reduce the heat energy of the system.
  11. Valves (flow rate) and doors (open, auto, close) are not copied as well
  12. (sorry for foreign language screen shot) strings.po Line# 38696 #. STRINGS.UI.SKILLS_SCREEN.EXPERIENCE_TOOLTIP msgctxt "STRINGS.UI.SKILLS_SCREEN.EXPERIENCE_TOOLTIP" msgid "{0} experience points required to unlock the next skill point" msgstr "다음 기술 점수 획득까지 경험치가 {0} 필요합니다." 0 Lev ... 3038 - 62 = 2976 ...but 2975 1 Lev ... 5204 - 35 = 5169 ...but 8206 1 Lev ... 5204 - 32 = 5172 ...but 8210 0 Lev ... 3038 - 28 = 3010 ...but 3009 7 Lev ... 18801 - 9828 = 8973 ...but 358664 16Lev .. 19099 - 10243 = 8856 ...but 377347 Problem with calculation and decimal rounding processing. I don't think it's a cumulative sum, but it's a huge pile of numbers.
  13. The "Battery Transformer infinite power loop" fixed today is a combination of two bugs. 1. A battery that is empty but is exploited(shares the burden) as if it has a power. (fixed) 2. It is a transformer that make such exploitation. (remains) Generator exploitation.sav Number one has been fixed today. But second one still remains. And the main culprit is a transformer!! I hope the other one will be fixed soon.