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  1. 1. not a "INPUT A" 2. signal check lights are offed 3. signal check lights are follow different rules [ INPUT (A) / OUTPUT A ] --------------------------------------- I'm very happy that the old automation string bug has been fixed. and appreciate for your efforts.
  2. Bluff briar growth halted at 29.5° C

    29.5 is oxygen's temp 30.3 is that plant's internal temp move the mouse cursor over 'body temperature' to see body temperature
  3. #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.VERTICALWINDTUNNEL.EFFECT msgctxt "STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.VERTICALWINDTUNNEL.EFFECT" msgid "Must be connected to <link=\"GASPIPING\">Gas Pipes</link> and a <link=\"POWER\">Power Source</link>.\n\nIncreases Duplicants <link=\"MORALE\">Morale</link>." Vertical wind tunnel is structurally not exist 'gas intake pipe'. #. STRINGS.CREATURES.SPECIES.PUFT.VARIANT_ALPHA.DESC msgctxt "STRINGS.CREATURES.SPECIES.PUFT.VARIANT_ALPHA.DESC" msgid "The Puft Prince is a lazy critter that excretes little lumps of <link=\"SLIMEMOLD\">Slime</link> with each breath." The function of the Puft prince has been extended. Now, they are can also breathes with oxygen and chlorine then excretes oxylite and bleachstone. I think it's better to expand the description as well.
  4. Dupes won't use transit tubes

    Transit tube access is not a tube. You need a bypass tube. like this
  5. after today updates (381818). Start > Klei logo > Crash If delete 'string.po' and proceed to the default language (English), it didn't crash. The same crashed when use my translation(kr) file or the bundle translation(kr, zh, ru) files. This issue did not occur to all user who used translation strings. However, some user cannot play even when reinstalled.
  6. I updated my translation file today. But there was a crash problem. I think there was no problem with the previous file(380770) but there was a problem with the changed part today(381414). So I tested the inside of the game. The moment my dupe rode the surfboard, there was a crash. As a result It is thought that the strings related to the condition associated with the surfboard may be the cause of the crash. So, I erase the following strings then updated. #. STRINGS.DUPLICANTS.MODIFIERS.MECHANICALSURFBOARD.NAME msgctxt "STRINGS.DUPLICANTS.MODIFIERS.MECHANICALSURFBOARD.NAME" msgid "Stoked" msgstr "" #. STRINGS.DUPLICANTS.MODIFIERS.MECHANICALSURFBOARD.TOOLTIP msgctxt "STRINGS.DUPLICANTS.MODIFIERS.MECHANICALSURFBOARD.TOOLTIP" msgid "This Duplicant had a rad experience on a surfboard.\n\nLeisure activities increase Duplicants' <style=\"KKeyword\">Morale</style>" msgstr "" #. STRINGS.DUPLICANTS.MODIFIERS.MECHANICALSURFING.NAME msgctxt "STRINGS.DUPLICANTS.MODIFIERS.MECHANICALSURFING.NAME" msgid "Surfin'" msgstr "" #. STRINGS.DUPLICANTS.MODIFIERS.MECHANICALSURFING.TOOLTIP msgctxt "STRINGS.DUPLICANTS.MODIFIERS.MECHANICALSURFING.TOOLTIP" msgid "This Duplicant is surfin' some artificial waves!" msgstr "" It was loaded without a problem.
  7. [RP] 379868 string issue

    in RP 380770 in today update #. STRINGS.DUPLICANTS.STATUSITEMS.DANCING.NAME msgctxt "STRINGS.DUPLICANTS.STATUSITEMS.DANCING.NAME" msgid "Dancing!" #. STRINGS.DUPLICANTS.STATUSITEMS.DANCING.TOOLTIP msgctxt "STRINGS.DUPLICANTS.STATUSITEMS.DANCING.TOOLTIP" msgid "This Duplicant is getting down with their bad self" and gaming, soaking was deleted then gaming and soaking get a new string but dancing is not
  8. 370532 -> 379686 1. It's a very light issue. recently added strings, which near '\n\n' has useless space before or after it may occured that inserting the sign after completing the sentence #. STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.BEACHCHAIR.EFFECT msgctxt "STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.BEACHCHAIR.EFFECT" msgid "Duplicants can relax by lounging in <link=\"LIGHT\">Sunlight</link>.\n\n Increases Duplicants <link=\"MORALE\">Morale</link>." msgstr "" #. STRINGS.CODEX.A1A_B111.BODY.CONTAINER1 msgctxt "STRINGS.CODEX.A1A_B111.BODY.CONTAINER1" msgid "I sent Dr. Holland home today after I found him wandering the lab mumbling to himself. He looked like he hadn’t slept in days!\n\n I worry that everyone here is so afraid of disappointing ‘The Director’ that they are pushing themselves to the breaking point. Next chance I get, I’m going to bring this up with Jackie. \n------------------\n" #. STRINGS.CODEX.A1A_B111.BODY.CONTAINER2 msgctxt "STRINGS.CODEX.A1A_B111.BODY.CONTAINER2" msgid "Well, that didn’t work.\n\nBringing up the need for some office bonding activities with the Director only met with her usual stubborn insistence that we “don’t have time for any fun”.\n\n This is ridiculous. Tomorrow I’m going to organize something fun for everyone and Jackie will just have to deal with it. She just needs to see the long term benefits of short term stress relief to fully understand the importance of this.\n------------------\n" #. STRINGS.CODEX.A1A_B111.BODY.CONTAINER3 msgctxt "STRINGS.CODEX.A1A_B111.BODY.CONTAINER3" msgid "I can’t believe this! I organized a potluck lunch thinking it would be a nice break but Jackie discovered us as we were setting up and insisted that no one had time for “fooling around”. Of course, everyone was too afraid to defy ‘The Director’ and went right back to work. \n\n All the food was just thrown out. Someone had even made home-made perogies! Seeing the break room garbage full of potato salad and chicken wings made me even more depressed than before. Those perogies looked so good.\n------------------\n" #. STRINGS.CODEX.A1A_B111.BODY.CONTAINER4 msgctxt "STRINGS.CODEX.A1A_B111.BODY.CONTAINER4" msgid "I keep finding senseless mistakes from stressed-out lab workers. It’s getting dangerous. I’m worried this colony we’re building will be plagued with these kind of problems if we don’t prioritize mental health as much as physical health. What’s the use of making all these plans for the future if we can’t build a better world?\n\n Maybe there’s some way I can sneak some prerequisite down-time activities into the Printing Pod without Jackie knowing.\n------------------\n" #. STRINGS.CODEX.MYLOG.BODY.RECBUILDINGS.BODY msgctxt "STRINGS.CODEX.MYLOG.BODY.RECBUILDINGS.BODY" msgid "My Duplicants continue to grow and learn so much and I can’t help but take pride in their accomplishments. But as their skills increase, they require more stimulus to keep their morale high. All work and no play is making an unhappy colony. \n\nI will have to provide more elaborate recreational activities for my Duplicants to amuse themselves if I want my colony to grow. Recreation time makes for a happy Duplicant, and a happy Duplicant is a productive Duplicant.\n\n" 2. One is singular, one is plural, and which one is correct? #. STRINGS.UI.BUILDINGEFFECTS.TOOLTIPS.GASCOOLING msgctxt "STRINGS.UI.BUILDINGEFFECTS.TOOLTIPS.GASCOOLING" msgid "Reduces the <style=\"KKeyword\">Temperature</style> of piped <style=\"KKeyword\">Gases</style>by <b>{0}</b>" #. STRINGS.UI.BUILDINGEFFECTS.TOOLTIPS.LIQUIDCOOLING msgctxt "STRINGS.UI.BUILDINGEFFECTS.TOOLTIPS.LIQUIDCOOLING" msgid "Reduces the <style=\"KKeyword\">Temperature</style> of piped <style=\"KKeyword\">Liquid</style> by <b>{0}</b>" 3. Missing string [Surf buff, equipped balloon] Surf buff equipped balloon p.s. I wish a name for a super productive's buff.
  9. (trans) water : 2000g mealrice: 10kg Bristle Berry: 10kg mushroom : 10kg Build a new juicer, it fills water After Drunk juice, it not refills water
  10. 1. white text issue was fixed. and... this issue came on #. STRINGS.BUILDING.STATUSITEMS.WIRECIRCUITSTATUS.NAME msgctxt "STRINGS.BUILDING.STATUSITEMS.WIRECIRCUITSTATUS.NAME" msgid "Current Load: <color=#{Color}>{CurrentLoad}</color> / {MaxLoad}" #. STRINGS.BUILDING.STATUSITEMS.WIREMAXWATTAGESTATUS.NAME msgctxt "STRINGS.BUILDING.STATUSITEMS.WIREMAXWATTAGESTATUS.NAME" msgid "Potential Load: <color=#{Color}>{TotalPotentialLoad}</color> / {MaxLoad}" these trans strings are not work 2. lose two shields #. STRINGS.MISC.NOTIFICATIONS.TASKPRIORITIESMESSAGE.MESSAGEBODY msgctxt "STRINGS.MISC.NOTIFICATIONS.TASKPRIORITIESMESSAGE.MESSAGEBODY" msgid "Duplicants always perform errands in order of highest to lowest priority. They will harvest <link=\"FOOD\">Food</link> before they build, for example, or always build new structures before they mine materials.\n\nI can open the <b>Priorities Screen</b> <b><color=#F44A4A>L</b></color> to set which Errand Types Duplicants may or may not perform, or to specialize skilled Duplicants for particular Errand Types." L -> [L] 3. wrong short cut key #. STRINGS.BUILDING.STATUSITEMS.COLONYLACKSREQUIREDSKILLPERK.TOOLTIP msgctxt "STRINGS.BUILDING.STATUSITEMS.COLONYLACKSREQUIREDSKILLPERK.TOOLTIP" msgid "Open the <b>Skills Panel</b> <b><color=#F44A4A>[L]</b></color> and teach a Duplicant the {Skills} Skill to use this" L -> J #. STRINGS.RESEARCH.MESSAGING.NO_RESEARCHER_SKILL_TOOLTIP msgctxt "STRINGS.RESEARCH.MESSAGING.NO_RESEARCHER_SKILL_TOOLTIP" msgid "The selected research focus requires <style=\"KKeyword\">Advanced Research</style> to complete\n\nOpen the <b>Skills Panel</b> <b><color=#F44A4A>[L]</b></color> and teach a Duplicant the <link=\"ADVANCEDRESEARCH\">Advanced Research</link> Skill to use this building" L -> J
  11. 1. twice pasted #. STRINGS.MISC.NOTIFICATIONS.FETCHINGWATERMESSAGE.MESSAGEBODY msgctxt "STRINGS.MISC.NOTIFICATIONS.FETCHINGWATERMESSAGE.MESSAGEBODY" msgid "By building a <link=\"LIQUIDPUMPINGSTATION\">Pitcher Pump</link> from the <b>PLUMBING TAB</b> <b><color=#F44A4A>[5]</b></color> <color=#F44A47><b>[5]</b></color> over a pool of liquid, my Duplicants will be able to bottle it up and manually deliver it wherever it needs to go." Estimated from the location of '<b>', the back '<color=#F44A47><b>[5]</b></color>' should be deleted. 2. legend is changed but It's tooltips not #. STRINGS.UI.OVERLAYS.OXYGEN.LEGEND5 msgctxt "STRINGS.UI.OVERLAYS.OXYGEN.LEGEND5" msgid "Barely Breathable" #. STRINGS.UI.OVERLAYS.OXYGEN.LEGEND6 msgctxt "STRINGS.UI.OVERLAYS.OXYGEN.LEGEND6" msgid "Unbreathable" #. STRINGS.UI.OVERLAYS.OXYGEN.TOOLTIPS.LEGEND5 msgctxt "STRINGS.UI.OVERLAYS.OXYGEN.TOOLTIPS.LEGEND5" msgid "<b>Slightly Toxic</b>\nHarmful gas concentration" #. STRINGS.UI.OVERLAYS.OXYGEN.TOOLTIPS.LEGEND6 msgctxt "STRINGS.UI.OVERLAYS.OXYGEN.TOOLTIPS.LEGEND6" msgid "<b>Very Toxic</b>\nLethal gas concentration" 3. message box overlay level in schedule A new button(delete schedule) has been created, and the tooltip of the existing button(reset schedule) has been hide. I think that need to adjust the position or overlay level. 4. background color issue #. STRINGS.BUILDING.STATUSITEMS.WIRECIRCUITSTATUS.NAME msgctxt "STRINGS.BUILDING.STATUSITEMS.WIRECIRCUITSTATUS.NAME" msgid "Current Load: <color=#{Color}>{CurrentLoad}</color> / {MaxLoad}" #. STRINGS.BUILDING.STATUSITEMS.WIREMAXWATTAGESTATUS.NAME msgctxt "STRINGS.BUILDING.STATUSITEMS.WIREMAXWATTAGESTATUS.NAME" msgid "Potential Load: <color=#{Color}>{TotalPotentialLoad}</color> / {MaxLoad}" If the value of {Color} is close to FFFFFF, the string cannot be seen with the white background statue. 5. 50000W -> 50kW today adjusted Heavi-Watt Conductive Wire's maxload value is 50000W, but 50kW is right p.s. not bug, just a suggestion #. STRINGS.UI.ELEMENTAL.UPTIME.NAME msgctxt "STRINGS.UI.ELEMENTAL.UPTIME.NAME" msgid "Uptime: ({0}/ {1}/ {2}) {3}/ {4}/ {5}" Current {1} and {2} are '600 seconds' and '6000 seconds'. I think '1 cycle' and '10 cycles' will look good. sorry for not english screen shot I was very lazy
  12. The string of the preinstalled file match with printed string exactly!! So. I just changed the preinstalled file. But not working. I tested it additional. I've changed language mod. I could see my translation for a while when I pressed the restart button and turned off for rerun. (very very slow motion) The word 'preinstalled' was a good inspiration. This seems to be a measure to prevent the start screen from changing into a mess when applying a different language mod. by preinstall a portion of the language mod in the program But they were crossed printing timing.
  13. It's a little different for me. It is not displayed as the default language (English). It looks as translated. But this is not the translation I made. My translation is like on the left. (formerly image, but almost similar with present) The strings printed on the right are nowhere in my translation file! I'm spooky now.
  14. One Bed One Bath advancement triggers early

    at the end of beta testing Have at least one bed and one toilet for each Duplicant in the colony. ... is change to ... Have at least one toilet in the colony and a bed for every Duplicant. But it hasn't been applied before today.
  15. #1 not working string #. STRINGS.COLONY_ACHIEVEMENTS.MISC_REQUIREMENTS.STATUS.PLATFORM_UNLOCKING_DISABLED msgctxt "STRINGS.COLONY_ACHIEVEMENTS.MISC_REQUIREMENTS.STATUS.PLATFORM_UNLOCKING_DISABLED" msgid "Platform achievements cannot be unlocked because a debug command was used in this colony. " #. STRINGS.COLONY_ACHIEVEMENTS.MISC_REQUIREMENTS.STATUS.PLATFORM_UNLOCKING_ENABLED msgctxt "STRINGS.COLONY_ACHIEVEMENTS.MISC_REQUIREMENTS.STATUS.PLATFORM_UNLOCKING_ENABLED" msgid "Platform achievements can be unlocked." #2 need new string '{0} morale: {1}' in 'Home sweet home' progressing statue. #3. Carnivore. Locavore, Super Sustainable or (more? I'm not tested) The target value was printed 1/1000 less #4. Kelvin's unit is written in lowercase #. STRINGS.COLONY_ACHIEVEMENTS.MISC_REQUIREMENTS.STATUS.KELVIN_COOLING msgctxt "STRINGS.COLONY_ACHIEVEMENTS.MISC_REQUIREMENTS.STATUS.KELVIN_COOLING" msgid "Coldest building: {0:##0.#}k"