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  1. When my duplicants construct or deconstruct pipes(gas or liquid), lag is created. normal construct pipes I found some rules. The large number of pipes won more in the tournament. It may have something to do with the pressure inside the pipe. When constructing a new pipe or deconstructing an existing pipe, the action make my CPU have hardtime. ( recalculate updated paths ? multicore processing error ? ) Maybe it's because my CPU performance is low. So, I am attaching a save file. I'd appreciate it if you care even if there's nothing wrong with a good computer. PipeLag.sav
  2. If your first loading is normally, Don't save and load Do save alt+f4 restart load That's what I am doing.
  3. Error after launch

    It's not every black hole solution, it's just telling me what I know. If your computer doesn't have enough free memory, a black hole appears. It's unusual, but there are some cases where the virus-mining backdoor is installed. I want you to open up the Windows Task Manager and watch the black hole happen.(Cpu, Ram)
  4. There are two batteries in both flickering circuit patterns created by the switch. But I don't know why only the second empty(dead) battery can improve the power. Why can only second empty(dead) battery do the role of 3rd(or 4th) Duplicant's manual generator?
  5. I don't understand this mechanism exactly. But when I connected two or more transformers in series, it had a bug that combined the power grid after the second. (ex. connect 1KW(A)'s output and 1 KW(B)'s input, then 1 KW(B)'s output can use 2 KW.) These other power grids were connected, it makes this problem.(maybe) It's not exactly the same as the writer's, but it works too. It was very very very fun so I made it an animation. Have a fun weekend.
  6. as you can see from above If dupe's name and job are Korean, you can't see them on the PRIORITY screen. -------------------- add ---------------- The same thing happens to CONSUMABLES and VITALS.
  7. 1. Spanner Priority does not show the today added priority value. 2. Storage errand description on "To do" List is 'storage bin' but 'current errand' is 'self' 3. Artifact's strings has some trouble 4. STARMAP's hotkey is '(Z)' but show '(R)'
  8. I think you already know this. today added RESEARCH, JOBS, STARMAP's hotkey desc has some trouble. I removed one from my language pack. However, the string was not applied due to a syntax error (?). There's just a default string.
  9. 1. [more] in "To do" list 2. [Sends automation signal when selected object is detected] in Space Sanner 3. [names] of many artifacts 4. Artifact's [Tier] STARMAP's Destiantion Status
  10. Sometimes my duplicant digs the bottom of a dropdown terrain, sands or regolith droping down, climb on the these things. Then, they's head put into the ceiling. Not every time. So I couldn't redo that.
  11. It was different from the usual Morb like the one in the picture above. From the moment we first saw it, this Morb did not release any polluted oxygen. morb.sav morb.mkv
  12. I don't know later, but it didn't produce a data bank at the moment. 95 degrees of water came out, but the description turned into steam.
  13. Thanks for [Game Update] - 299241 Fix text input crash on Battery screen in Korean I did some more tests. And I found out that : The first time I click on the smart battery since I started the game, the issue is that the parameters of the massage table appear. review the still picture 1. first click on Smart Battery Break starts at (instead of Standby) Break ends at (instead of Active) 2. click another point and second click on Smart Battery return to normal ref.# parameter message on first click is from Massage Table The critical bug is gone, but I still care about that.
  14. It has two ports, so maybe two descriptions.