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  1. @Ipsquiggle will you add the possibility for changing mods settings from the game like in Rimworld instead of save-exit-change json-run system? and again - enable all mods button.
  2. yeah right. show me a way to add animation or a texture
  3. it's not the Stone Soup, or TES series, you know... Not even Project Zomboid.
  4. Modding and me

    @Ipsquiggle Are you planning to add the possibility to have more than one in/output port of the same type for the buildings?
  5. [Game Update] - 324933

    how long it will it be till we have an Enable\Disable all button in the Mods screen?
  6. [Game Update] - 322934

    nice AI work there, devs.
  7. [MODS][0.5] ONI-Modloader

    are the germs part of the element's weight?
  8. [Game Update] - 322934

    dupes are acting stupidly now , at least with mining. i've got the dupes on two blocks up above the floor and they didn't gave a f*** about dig underneath. "proximity" set.
  9. Modding-unfriendly stuff

    telescope.clearScanCellRadius = 5; c'mon, tell me what else i do not know...
  10. [Game Update] - 322093

    how about solving finally the all-dupes-gather-and-stuck-at-the-you-won't-tresspass-sign-till-death behavior?
  11. Until now, i've found at least three things, which are crashing the game when you try to mod them for NO OBVIOUS reason. I wrote about them here and there. This is for conclusion. 1. Bunker Door When you change anything, like, the animation speed, logic/electricity port placement, R.360, etc - the game crashes when you click to change any normal door to a Locked or Opened state. 2. Telescope There is a parameter "view"-something, which is =5. I guess it's like the radius of vertical columns need to be cleared for the Telescope has a perfect view. If you change this - you'll get a crash. 3. Cooking Station When you add (or remove - sometimes) new recipes, sometimes even to a different station, you'll get a crash if the cooking station had assigned recipes on load, even if they're the ones not touched. One needs to clear the recipe queue, save, mod and only then load the game.
  12. still can't figure out where to put dll mods. put a dll into the local dir in mydocs. not worked.put it into a dir. checked in the mod menu. not worked... OK, got it
  13. Please, let the second tutorial be about adding a technology
  14. CTD

    If the game runs a certain amount of time while minimized (~30 min and >) it just CTD's with no error logging, just 1 line , that says that a crash report is created.