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  1. @Ipsquiggle will you add the possibility for changing mods settings from the game like in Rimworld instead of save-exit-change json-run system? and again - enable all mods button.
  2. how long it will it be till we have an Enable\Disable all button in the Mods screen?
  3. dupes are acting stupidly now , at least with mining. i've got the dupes on two blocks up above the floor and they didn't gave a f*** about dig underneath. "proximity" set.
  4. how about solving finally the all-dupes-gather-and-stuck-at-the-you-won't-tresspass-sign-till-death behavior?
  5. still can't figure out where to put dll mods. put a dll into the local dir in mydocs. not worked.put it into a dir. checked in the mod menu. not worked... OK, got it
  6. Please, let the second tutorial be about adding a technology
  7. If the game runs a certain amount of time while minimized (~30 min and >) it just CTD's with no error logging, just 1 line , that says that a crash report is created.
  8. lolololol you're fixing so many crashes regarding care packages, you'd better made 'em through recipes
  9. i wonder how i cancel the recipe if it's hidden while i have all it needs. but hey, WE FIXED A CRASH
  10. eggcracker recipes are missing, all of them, only those are showing up, which egg i have at the moment, in met ref there are iron, steel and gold recipes, others are gone, thought the only ore i have is the copper, which is not present, and in the Mol forge all the recipes are present though i even hadn't built a rocket, nor telescoped any asteroid. Thank you devs [sarcasm] when you'll make the Idle state sound not so ear-irritating?
  11. according to the Codex Sour Gas is cooled to liquid Methane which is cooled to solid Methane, BUT the sour gas cools down to liquid\solid SULFUR
  12. Devs, how about a tutorial about how to add custom research tech into the game? And custom elements? Or at least add the whole periodic table. 30 minutes of typing for you...
  13. and ******* still the ******* dupes are ******* gathering near the ******* atmosuit checkpoint no matter how many ******* decor is elsewhere around the base. or is it only ******* me.