Oil well with polluted water runs but doesn't produce oil

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I occasionally end up with polluted water in the oil well because it's more cost efficient to repair than to run a filter. Now, however, the well will run with polluted water, but not produce any oil. It didn't just use it and take damage and move on. There isn't an empty option like there is on a lot of other things. I'm just powering this now for no reason with what seems to be heavy conductive wire.


Steps to Reproduce
Have oil well. Pump in polluted water.

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2 hours ago, tzionut said:

Deconstruct it and reconstruct. 

I restarted the game and now I don't have any oil wells. This also fixed the problem.

It hasn't behaved like this in the past, and regarding consistency, why doesn't this have an 'empty storage' option.


Imagine if your hydrogen generator took in some oxygen and stopped running and there wasn't any way to correct it unless you reconstructed it. Or hydroponic farm tiles, but at least they can be emptied.


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I ran into this problem with petroleum. I had a little industrial accident which dumped petroleum into my catch basin for generator polluted water, it got sucked up, classified as “not polluted water,” and sent in to my water lines where it ended up in my oil wells.

Basically, if the oil well has any fluid in it that isn’t water, it doesn’t show an error message, continues to run, but doesn’t produce any oil. I fixed this by deconstructing the wells and re-building them, but it’s still and issue that needs to be addressed. At the very least it needs to highlight the wrong fluid in red so it’s easy to see why the well is blocked.

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