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  1. Pips stop action at 100% egg chances

    This is a duplicate of
  2. Autosweeper priority too low

    I'd say it's a bug, or at least a flaw, because dupes can steal jobs from one another if one wins some calculation while the other is traveling. There's no reason the sweeper shouldn't steal any jobs in its range as it is able to do them.
  3. I have a 68 gram block of steam in a non insulated gas pipe. It was stuck for some time due to a broken pipe and I've released it. It's in the set of piping in the oil biome, making its way upward, in the save attached to This might be a related issue as far as calculations under a certain weight, but it does have heat transfer and cools/heats during its transition through the piping. I expect it at some point to break the pipe and leak out as water, but it does not.
  4. I'm not sure how to massage the game into this state, but save attached. I have a conveyor that I put ice on to add it to a large pool at the bottom of the base. The conveyor loops through 50+c fluid, and normally the ice quickly melts off and disappears from the conveyor at the bridge. However, I have several pieces of microgram sized ice on the conveyor that have been on the conveyor for 100+ cycles. They maintain their original temperature and will not heat/melt. My guess would be that somehow barely over 20kg ended up in the source, so one of the conveyor tiles outputted was very small--or that the rest of the ice melted off but a small amount was left. FrozenDupes Cycle 2381.sav
  5. meteor showers putting regolith through walls.

    I believe this is because rock meteors (whatever the one that drops a ton of regolith is) fill an area around the "detonation" tile according to their mass. So if they're looking to fill a circle of radius 2, it'll put some on the other side of the wall (probably since it wants to put it in the wall and gets pushed right).
  6. I've actually had this happen when it's not saving, late in the game when it's chugging along at low FPS, occasionally it'll take more than a second to do calculations/updates, and this happens. That's thankfully rare compared to the save related issue.
  7. Pips stop action at 100% egg chances

    You'll want to attach a save file demonstrating this. I'm guessing that something else is at play, though, because pips are always 100% egg chance. There's no other pip variant like some critters. They do freeze up sometimes, wild or not--but I've always figured it was a nuance of their pathfinding/ai. they'll usually move eventually to find food or rummage a storage bin for seeds. Since it's wild, it's not about to lay an egg -- they should only lay one in their lifetime, near the end of their life. However, it does have the status "rummaging for seeds", implying either there's a seed on the square behind it, or it's trying to find a storage bin to rummage through. Probably it's stuck because it can't find a path to one, yet.
  8. Cannister filler

    I think this is the same as the bottle emptier/canister emptier, but I don't really use the canister filler. My workaround for those is to set them to sweep only, and make sweep errands with priority whatever. The errand shows up on the emptier, not the object (a little annoying but whatever)--and the priority of the emptier determines if it or another is selected. Perhaps a workaround for the filler is to just put a pipe empty task on the input pipe of the filler? Roughly the same effect, but I'm guessing it's slower.
  9. Yup, my loads take ~5 minutes from menu, 10 minutes if I load from within a game. I just alt+f4 now and start all over.
  10. Ghosts of Gravitas not completing?

    @klei.ruby Will the future fix include unlocking the achievement for fully explored maps? I'm pretty sure I had a couple bio scanner unexplored rooms to begin with, with brain thingamajiggers in them, but they're all explored now. It'd be nice to actually be able to get 100% on that map.
  11. Yup, this is pretty annoying for trying to automate farms. Still an issue in the Launch Update. Obviously you still need a dupe to apply the fertilizer, but you ought to be able to automate the transfer, or store extra.
  12. This is even noted on the wiki page but doesn't have a reference to a bug filed here. I have to assume it's referring to
  13. ONI stops rendering and doing some calculations on things off screen. When you increase the visible screen, it has more work to do, hence lower framerate. It's already got issues not being able to achieve high framerates, I'd consider you lucky you're able to get 70+ at all.
  14. Check out the ONI Rocket Calculator. It's not perfect, but it gives a good guide for 90% of rocket builds. The only thing it doesn't do correctly is recalculate required field if you add empty fuel/oxidizer tanks (you can use research modules in 2:1 ratio instead). That's the only way I was able to get a handle on how rockets are supposed to be structured. Ugh sorry for necro. Thought I was on main bug page not a search.
  15. Graphics Glitch/BUG Rocket Thruster Residue

    Already reported in September The fuel gauges I view as intended, though, as their art differs from that of the landed rocket (note pipes going to them supporting them etc), suggesting that they are not part of the rocket, but part of the support structure.