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  1. This seems to affect all types of temperature sensors--liquid, conveyor, and gas (not verified gas myself, but definitely the former two). It's a very annoying bug. If I had to guess, the temperature is evaluated the same tick the liquid is teleported by the bridge, so it's not sensing a liquid since it's not there yet.
  2. I wanted to add my save that exhibits this problem still on the current release version as of this post. It's kinda annoying really. Steps to reproduce: 1. Empty petroleum bottle down/down right from base (up left from volcano) pictured 2. Watch the petroleum, ladder, and wire temperature climb rapidly, and the abyssalite to the right fall slowly. The petroleum shortly boils away into sour gas, ruining the vacuum. The abyssalite is losing heat to both the steam and petroleum, but will only lose it to the petroleum if the insulated tile is completed. The Yucky Spacepad Y Cycle 481.sav (1).sav
  3. The changelog notes for 393231 said this was fixed, so this can probably be marked fixed as well.
  4. I have 2 gigs of log file within 2.5 minutes (95% of that is just loading a save) so it definitely would benefit from being gzipped and rolled over. I know that's a builtin feature of slf4j api in Java, I assume there's something similar in .NET. Mine's 59 thousand lines of "[06:43:04.008] [1] [INFO] SolidVentComplete" etc for probably every tile and entity in the game. I'll have to figure out where it's coming from. Whether the offenders are mods or not, no log file needs to take that much space, especially when streaming gzip exists. I'd start directing this file to a RamDisk so it doesn't obliterate my SSD, if I didn't think it'd quickly overrun the 10-15 gigs of ram I have available while ONI is loaded.
  5. I just always figured naptha's color was white (which makes no sense) but if that's the case for multiple liquids, no color at all sounds right.
  6. There's a mod that fixes this behavior:
  7. Ooh. They're fairly infrequent but I'll grab the log next time. FYI while that info is accurate, the spoiler tag about log files on the actual bug report submission page is wrong--It points to the local steam folder, which has no logs.
  8. This is fairly common with a setup in my base as well--I have the magma layer exposed and pipe crude/petrol down to make sour gas. As such I have hundreds to thousands of kilos of sour gas per tile. Any anomalous gas (Steam, occasionally CO2 somehow) that goes through my door compressors into a space where it doesn't fit is just deleted. I find this easier than trying to remove steam by other means, but it is still anomalous. For example in the left of the screenshot attached, both natural gas and steam hang out above sour gas (mostly), and the steam can't merge with the natural gas and will be deleted when it is a low (relative to the other high pressure gasses) quantity. I haven't had rogue gasses in a while, but saw it happen way back. It'd be interesting to see a solution, but I don't really view it as a big problem. As mentioned, doors can delete things too, so it's more of just a normal mechanic in my mind.
  9. It looks like base overlays are only partially unloaded for the camera move that precedes the cutscene for the Great Escape. The area where I had the camera centered when the rocket took off had the pipes unloaded, but not their contents, and the out of frame pipes were still there. I was in the pipe overlay view when the rocket took off, so it might happen for other overlays as well.
  10. After updating to the new 393231 build since it fixed a few annoyances and playing for a bit, I encountered a familiar "stop," which I think is mod-related but haven't been able to track down: Dupes move within range of their task (or in one case this time, next to a door) and then halt, never to move again. Usually when this happens, I quit and reload and it's fixed. This time, as in the attached save, automated doors (several door pumps, the bunker door array at the top of the map, etc) and possibly normal doors as well do not open or otherwise operate. The overlay shows their state changing appropriately, but they don't open or lock, and don't allow gasses in when in the open state. The behavior persists in spite of disabling all mods as well -- but luckily the previous cycle is functioning correctly. I'm wondering if this is just some sort of save corruption, since the thumbnail is also screwy. FrozenDupes Cycle 2778.sav
  11. I'd say it's a bug, or at least a flaw, because dupes can steal jobs from one another if one wins some calculation while the other is traveling. There's no reason the sweeper shouldn't steal any jobs in its range as it is able to do them.
  12. I have a 68 gram block of steam in a non insulated gas pipe. It was stuck for some time due to a broken pipe and I've released it. It's in the set of piping in the oil biome, making its way upward, in the save attached to This might be a related issue as far as calculations under a certain weight, but it does have heat transfer and cools/heats during its transition through the piping. I expect it at some point to break the pipe and leak out as water, but it does not.
  13. I'm not sure how to massage the game into this state, but save attached. I have a conveyor that I put ice on to add it to a large pool at the bottom of the base. The conveyor loops through 50+c fluid, and normally the ice quickly melts off and disappears from the conveyor at the bridge. However, I have several pieces of microgram sized ice on the conveyor that have been on the conveyor for 100+ cycles. They maintain their original temperature and will not heat/melt. My guess would be that somehow barely over 20kg ended up in the source, so one of the conveyor tiles outputted was very small--or that the rest of the ice melted off but a small amount was left. FrozenDupes Cycle 2381.sav