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  1. This is right. The button is asking you if you want to set the direction to left-to-right travel. Not confirming which way the arrow is pointing. This is literally how every other button asks you to do anything in the game.
  2. Seriously Klei. This has been an issue for a long time. Also it's changing harvest to disabled. My regolith in my incubator still hasn't hatched from six months ago, so I'm trying granite this time. Any word on why hydro/atmo sensors will change their values themselves? How about this goofy one with the dirt and the rocket? Why does this vent need over 400kg? Can you do something about this microchip problem? What about storage bins? Are we allowing food now and things that aren't selected as an option? And vice verse for a fridge. You can't put space artifacts anywhere but on pedestals, but you put one into a conveyor loader somehow.
  3. Yeah. That's why that is the title. The difference between brine and salt water is semantics. If one if behaving one way and the other isn't then it's probably not what they wanted. Which is why it's posted here.
  4. Then why doesn't salt water change temp in the same manner? I would bet that this is one of those (many) things that made it through testing that isn't intended. And yeah...this is free heat.
  5. Brine fed into a desalinator will come out at 40°C regardless of the temperature of the brine going in. If you send in water, or salt water, it will come out as the same temperature.
  6. Lumber isn't stacking above 100,000 pieces. Anything dropped on the stack either is deleted, or isn't being displayed/counted.
  7. I just saw the patch notes page. It's loading still... At 87MB it usually takes a couple minutes. Got it. No crashes since the update yesterday.
  8. How does that even happen? Why would a monument have anything to do with a room size?
  9. This is most definitely NOT fixed. I'm running 353781 and I still have this error. Why not? It's a helluva a colony. Check it out because I've done just about everything you ever could and it's automated, and just another way to look at things.
  10. Went from a positive amount of seconds before crashing once the game loaded to a negative amount. Here is what the screen is showing. The Delicate Galaxy.sav output_log.txt
  11. Had a dupe that couldn't hold it make a mess whilst in transit within a tube. Tube ended up leaking contents onto floor. Please review quality control of transit tubes upon installation for proper connection to adjacent tubes. Re-seal joints if necessary.
  12. If you re-set the volume it will work...should work correctly. This happens to me when I load from a save, but I'm in the habit now of resetting the mass every time. I also have a valve to prevent them from over-filling.