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Dreckos won't eat

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The Dreckos cannot recognize grown balm lily as a food source. A reload does resolve this problem.


Steps to Reproduce
Halt the growth of the balm lily by changing the atmosphere to non-chlorine, then return atmosphere to chlorine. The balm lily resumes growing, but the dreckos won't resume eating.
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User Feedback

This happens with all types of dreco and with all types of eatable plants.

As far as I can track this problem, possible scenario is:

  1. Dreco target plant for eating.
  2. Plant became unavailable for eating (temporaly withered by buble of wrong atmosphere, or gathered by dupe)
  3. Dreco does not target another plant

But I'm not sure, possibly it is just my imagination.

This happens often, but I cannot catch the exact moment, and after reload problem disappears

This bug is very old, it was mentioned on forum since May, and was source of numerous rumors about Drecos feeding behavior

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I had the same problem Mypost 
Did you try enabling autoharvest and then reload?
For my mealwood reload did work, but only wih first fewbites ( i saw this drecko take three before i disabled autoharvest, then he didnt seem to touch it again)

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