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Drecko's (Glossy) dont eat mealwood, untill reload game

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

My drecko's are not eating my Mealwoods plants, its even so bad that they are just starving while these plants are there.
I decided to reload my game and after restart they immidiatly ate, so there IS something not functioning properly.

Screenshot shows how the stables looked.

At first dreckos were in the stables with poorly growing plants, they were starving
Then i removed the door to replace with a pneumatic door, so they had to be wrangled and be relocated in the stables again. They were still starving.

It might had something to do with my disabling and enabling Autoharvest. I would like for autoharvest to be off for these plants so the dreckos can just keep eating them, but I have the idea that with Autoharvest off, the dreckos also skip eating the plants.       


Steps to Reproduce
Build stables like screenshot, put dreckos in there, disable autoharvest, watch your dreckos starve, enable, disable autharvest
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