dead lock when using jetpacks

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I order a mid-air construction (top priority) which requires wearing jetpacks; otherwise dupes can't reach the construction site. When the site is very far away, dupes will sometimes get stuck in an infinite loop. Receive his assignment -> Pick up materials -> instantly forget about the errand (maybe consider the errand unreachable for a blink of second) -> perform another errand and therefore drop his inventory -> receive the mid-air errand again right away ->repeat. So it looks like he does nothing but keep picking up and dropping the material. 20190425203502_1.thumb.jpg.4446cb57b6c808b95d9c7f2c2c9cf019.jpg

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See description. Long distant errand that is unreachable except with jetpacks..

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Do you have a save file?

Certainly is a bug. This shouldn't happen. If it's going to fail, it shouldn't be attempted over and over. You don't see dupes picking up materials to build something marked unreachable in several layers of dirt.

However, maybe there is a workaround or a cause for it.

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I had a similar problem with an exosuit checkpoint with only one suit.

Two wrangled dreckos were to be delivered through said checkpoint and in about four, five attempts they were dropped on the floor (and thereby released) shortly after being picked up.

I thought it might be due to an other dupe "reserving" the only suit while the one with the drecko was on the way, so that might be related.

Edit: The suit was not in use between the time of the drecko being picked up and dropped.

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