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  1. Not sure if it's the problem, but the toilets up top will backup when in a line like that. The right toilet will pass over the exit of the left toilet causing it to have a pipe blocked.
  2. I'm not connected to my on-board video output and I suppose that's the only way to do it with a laptop, but since you are, you might have different options. There should be a way to set all or certain games to a specific GPU render. I can't see the option they talk about but I do have this:
  3. well, if your batteries are gold amalgam, they actually are the worst of the metals when it comes to thermal conductivity. You probably should make them out of copper if you actually want to cool them down. Just be aware that puts that heat into the air. Shouldn't matter as long as they aren't overheating and the air around it is OK. I'm not even sure that would help a whole lot. A drop of liquid at the base would transfer more, I think. This game is kinda weird with things like that.
  4. That's because they made a weird design choice. If you pick food the shine bugs eat that are shared with other critters (bristle berries, etc) it will tick ALL the boxes for that specific one. Just keep those out of your stables by configuring the critter dropoff and enable auto wrangling (that is, if they are roaming into the wrong rooms). It won't effect who is marked to enter/stay in that room, just who can eat from it.
  5. Edit: Ignore this for a sec. Opened wrong log. Vivaldi pointed me to the wrong download. *sigh* Edit2: Well, it still applies. Still showing mods and probably still the same exception.. It's missing but the log ends right where the exception started last time. Edit3: Actually, I think I am wrong. "[01:21:22.842] [1] [INFO] Initialising UGC Service" You should get something like this after: [01:36:13.227] [1] [INFO] Screen resolution updated, saving values to prefs: 1920x1080 @ 60, fullscreen: True [01:36:13.399] [1] [INFO] UGC Service setup complete.. Try another resolution/refresh rate. Did you change monitors or resolutions lately? Instead of getting the above message, you get an exception. Maybe it's that instead of the object deletion thing. ________________________________ (Original post that is probably wrong) I checked mine to be sure it wasn't a common error. It's not. Seems to be getting a null exception in the scripting which seems to be for unloading assets from memory. Also, I still see mentioning of mods, so they aren't gone fully, unless you added them back. Looks like it tries to run the main loop, sets a timer-based delete of an object that doesn't exist. If you have reset your Mac (0 user files transferred, hopefully), and reinstalled the game, there should be nothing left over but mods that steam autoloads because you subscribed to them. If you are 100% on the mods not being the problem, seems like a driver/security software issue. Only other thing I can think of is some weird multi-threading issue where the game runs the delete twice but is only logged once. Unloading 2 unused Assets to reduce memory usage. Loaded Objects now: 35468. Total: 78.165728 ms (FindLiveObjects: 3.430718 ms CreateObjectMapping: 1.834411 ms MarkObjects: 72.811259 ms DeleteObjects: 0.086450 ms) [01:21:22.649] [1] [INFO] -- MAIN MENU -- [01:21:22.842] [1] [INFO] Initialising UGC Service Receiving unhandled NULL exception Obtained 33 stack frames. #0 0x00000133b4f581 in (Unknown) #1 0x0000011278fd3a in mono_jit_runtime_invoke #2 0x000001128bc946 in mono_runtime_invoke #3 0x0000010982d973 in ScriptingInvocation::InvokeChecked(ScriptingExceptionPtr*) #4 0x00000109818362 in MonoBehaviour::WillDestroyComponent() #5 0x000001094b7f9c in GameObject::WillDestroyGameObject() #6 0x000001096eb09a in PreDestroyRecursive(GameObject&, unsigned long*) #7 0x000001096eb0ef in PreDestroyRecursive(GameObject&, unsigned long*) #8 0x000001096eb0ef in PreDestroyRecursive(GameObject&, unsigned long*) #9 0x000001096eb0ef in PreDestroyRecursive(GameObject&, unsigned long*) #10 0x000001096eb31c in DestroyGameObjectHierarchy(GameObject&) #11 0x00000109590e0b in DelayedDestroyCallback(Object*, void*) #12 0x0000010958eed6 in DelayedCallManager::Update(int) #13 0x0000010970012e in ExecutePlayerLoop(NativePlayerLoopSystem*) #14 0x00000109700157 in ExecutePlayerLoop(NativePlayerLoopSystem*) #15 0x00000109700356 in PlayerLoop() #16 0x00000109cf2f08 in -[PlayerAppDelegate UpdatePlayer] #17 0x007fff3efbfe6b in __NSFireTimer #18 0x007fff3cd3ffc0 in __CFRUNLOOP_IS_CALLING_OUT_TO_A_TIMER_CALLBACK_FUNCTION__ #19 0x007fff3cd3fb6c in __CFRunLoopDoTimer #20 0x007fff3cd3f6b2 in __CFRunLoopDoTimers #21 0x007fff3cd208b2 in __CFRunLoopRun #22 0x007fff3cd1fe0e in CFRunLoopRunSpecific #23 0x007fff3c00c9db in RunCurrentEventLoopInMode #24 0x007fff3c00c715 in ReceiveNextEventCommon #25 0x007fff3c00c4a6 in _BlockUntilNextEventMatchingListInModeWithFilter #26 0x007fff3a3a6ffb in _DPSNextEvent #27 0x007fff3a3a5d93 in -[NSApplication(NSEvent) _nextEventMatchingEventMask:untilDate:inMode:dequeue:] #28 0x0000010b2977df in -[NSApplication(SteamOverrideNextEvent) steamhooked_nextEventMatchingMask:untilDate:inMode:dequeue:] #29 0x007fff3a39feb0 in -[NSApplication run] #30 0x007fff3a38f3f0 in NSApplicationMain #31 0x00000109d0034f in PlayerMain(int, char const**) #32 0x007fff691943d5 in start
  6. Well, I am not sure exactly what is going on, I just know your base is WAAAY too hot, and it's only going to get worse. The ambient temp is 110F (if you don't use F, the start temp is what 75F?) around you and that is creeping in, on top of the heat from batteries and all that, on top of the inevitable killer that will be the electrolyzers that output at a set ~150F. With set outputs like that, they don't kinda gradually not be hot anymore. They SET the temperatures to 150 and everything around them slowly heats up to that temperature if not isolated. You are generally pretty safe if you just insulate the outer edges of your base (just make it as big as the starting biome, basically), put your oxygen generations outside the base (look up the electrolyzer Cryptic Fox made on youtube), and just run some radiant pipes through a cold biome. You are going to run out of water too with that many dupes if you dont start taming the steam geysers, etc. I usually only run 3-6 until I get to stable water/electrolyzers. This game is very hard. lol. I think I started 5 different bases until I really started to understand how to do things correctly. Edit: I'd highly advise you to watch Francis John's recent youtube series for QOL3. He explains things really well and has very good ways of playing the game well and safely.
  7. It kinda clears up after a while, but it appears they go up top to breathe, but it's hot, so they go down to the bottom where it's cool, but there is barely any oxygen there and it gets inhaled or dissipates quickly. You need to get the temperature under control. You have 18T of algae and switched to electrolyzers way too quickly and built it inside your base with no cooling. Switch back to algae until you can build a cooling system or crack open a ice biome to cool the output and put it outside the base. Edit: Also, you seem to have 0 insulation from the surroundings so you are going to slowly creep up to the ambient 110F or so of the other biomes. You batteries and power are all inside the base no insulated off adding more heat as well. If you hit F3, you can see most of your base is RED besides the top left, top right, and the bottom right.
  8. Looking at your log, you have a 970 mobile GPU with 2017 drivers that appear to be stock from MS Windows. There have been weird edge cases where the on-chip graphics take over. Not sure how strong that i7 integrated graphics are. Either way, seems like VRAM issue. That is, graphics falling in and out of memory. I'd update the drivers from nvidia's website and open the control panel and make sure you are only using the 970m for graphics, not the intel. I can't seem to find the info and maybe it only shows up with dual monitors, but I remember being able to run a monitor on iGPU and the other on GPU regardless of how they were connected. Also, could be some power savings settings due to being a laptop, but I'm betting on just update drivers.
  9. Yes, that helps a bit. Looks like you have a couple heavy modification mods. First thing I would try is to disable them or unsubscribe in Steam if you have to. Mod may have updated something. Other than that, I see something about waiting for a certain event/time/date. Maybe it's not reading your date/time right? I'd check your date/time is right. Beyond that, I have no idea.
  10. Can you upload your output log? Not sure where it is on OSX.
  11. As the title says, they don't display as a metal on materials overlay, only the gas/liquid in them get's colored when on all/gas. Would be helpful to track down those oddball mesh/airflow tiles made out of the wrong metal.
  12. Either you mined something with a very small amount of slimelung and didn't notice (you are very close in the bottom right and top left), or the world gen overlapped with the slimelung biome and left some residual germs (bottom pocket of plants). I would call the latter a bug, but a long standing bug with world gen that effects many things (POIs breaking abyssalite, etc). Edit: The latter can be tested easily if you get the world seed on the ESC menu and start a new save with that seed and check for germs. Technically, even the former because you can screenshot and compare and see if you mined any germ-infested tiles. However, you could only extrapolate which tiles had slimelung spread to them.
  13. Are you using vsync? If so, the way it works is if you drop AT ALL below 60Hz, it steps down to the next level (every other frame), which is 30FPS. Edit: Appears that is only if they or you don't support triple buffering. Check your vsync/triple buffer settings.
  14. If you look at the the screenshot, it shows that it's only for their HP 0-100% when they should go get their HP treated. And, yes, it says ineligible because they are healthy. That's to BE treated. Kinda how you assign beds/mess tables/etc. However, it might be a better idea to mark them as "healthy" when ineligible and "being treated" for assigned.
  15. Maybe I am remembering it wrong, or they have changed it, but I remember my accidental germ contamination on my first game being isolated to the top of the tank. Top or bottom, I guess it doesn't matter. Just have your pump on the opposite side and it's probably fine for a while. I suspect the same. Take a look at the germs overlay. Probably a speck or two of germs.