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  1. I order a mid-air construction (top priority) which requires wearing jetpacks; otherwise dupes can't reach the construction site. When the site is very far away, dupes will sometimes get stuck in an infinite loop. Receive his assignment -> Pick up materials -> instantly forget about the errand (maybe consider the errand unreachable for a blink of second) -> perform another errand and therefore drop his inventory -> receive the mid-air errand again right away ->repeat. So it looks like he does nothing but keep picking up and dropping the material.
  2. This is not a bug. As the metal refinery will store the heated coolant inside and release it after each order. That means water shouldn't be used as coolant. Super coolant is the best, but crude oil works too.
  3. I just lock the room until I need to use oxylite
  4. Long Commutes encourage laziness?

    Optimization is extremely hard. Consider how this game works. You (the player) order a list of tasks, which are assigned to dupes based on dupes' preferences. From a dupe's perspective, he receives a list of errands and he is going execute the list. Inevitably, there will be lots of inefficiency. For examples: Dupe A building something at Point A, and travels to Point B (thousands miles away) to building something, and then returns all the way back to Point A to build more things. Dupe A is working at Point A, the player add a near-by order (like toggling a switch at point A). The funny thing is that someone else, Dupe B, that is far away from point A, will receive the order while dupe A could have done it right away. The priority overlay (for the player) and dupes preference are two major tools of optimization, but there are limitations. This is hard! We think a dupe should complete his duty at some location before moving to another place, but this could be problematic because no one will respond to an emergency happening somewhere else then. We will significantly improve the colony's efficiency if we could assign errands to every single dupe directly. But this is also bad because it gives the player tons of work. The player's careful planning could help a bit, but the dupes will need to be able to "think ahead" and "act rationally" one day to really make a difference.
  5. It seems that when the doctors have allergy, then the colony is doomed. Is anyone having the same issue? Farmers with exo suit seem ridiculous
  6. Hi everyone, Space exploration is my favorite part of the game. I am really looking forward to seeing future improvements and innovation related to rocketry. Improvement: Make every launch more expensive, but come with more rewards. Space food preparation, oxygen supply, waste management. The current mechanism of scanner/bunker door/comet is not enjoyable. The automation input should be from the hanger instead of the command module. The gantry should not extend after departure of the rocket (because the signal becomes inactive as the rocket is gone), it should stay retracted until the rocket returns. New features: Specialized space missions for specialized astronauts. We should have a crew of astronauts including captain, flight engineer, navigator, scientist, cadet, civilian traveller, etc.. The crew will complete various tasks for various rewards. Instead of stacking up multiple identical modules, we should be able to build larger passenger compartments/research module/fuel tank. There should be a ground control centre which allows dupes at home to communicate and interact with the flight crew. Advanced rocket science: nuclear engine and warp drive acquired from higher alien civilization. Larger starmap: more destinations, alien critters and alien dupes (guests). Thank you!
  7. It seems that when a doctor gets sick, he will no longer perform his duty. I am not sure whether this is intentional. I take a closer look and I discover a possible dead lock: a patient "thinks" a doctor is available so he visits the clinic -> the doctor is being requested -> the doctor walks to the clinic -> the doctor quits his duty possibly due to himself being sick -> the waiting patient leaves as no doctor is available -> repeat If your doctor(s) is(are) sick, then the situation will deteriorate rapidly and everything will be out of control in seconds.
  8. Allergies are too powerful?

    It seems that when the doctor(s) is(are), they just stop treating patients and the situation deteriorates rapidly and everything will be out of control.
  9. I have similar issue. The oxidizer tank is buggy. If I first set the amount to be 200kg, and then reset it to 100kg right away. Dupes will have to deliver 200kg oxylite anyway. And then perform the subsequent errand of removing the extra amount.
  10. I have the same issue. Automation wires also appear above other logic gates.
  11. I have the same issue. I have a pressurized room for oxylite production. When oxylite is being produced and dropped on the ground, the auto-sweeper doesn't act fast enough to pick it up and put it into a storage, but lets dupe to do it instead.