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Cooling below absolute zero causes a crash.

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I was using a couple of thermo regulators in a loop to chill hydrogen. When the input temperature gets close to absolute zero the game will crash.


thermo regulator crash.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Pump hydrogen gas near -270c into a working thermal regulator.

User Feedback

I think its related to the Hydrogen condensation point. Since its still in a gas pipe it cant turn to liquid and the next thermo generator in line tries to use liquid from the gas pipe which cause crash. (this got fixed in new version as far as i know)


EDIT: btw i did further testing after McStar007 mentioned the oxygen test. Since oxygen have -219 C freezing point i rather used CO2 which turns to solid at -59 C so i could be sure its not the liquid/solid item usage in the thermo regulator that breaks the game. (except if at absolute zero the game checks for material state)

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Could it be an issue with hydrogen condensating in a gas pipe? (I was just trying to imagine how to build a working liquid hydrogen storage.)

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The trick is to create a loop and feed the output back into the input of the thermo regulator. Then use valves to regulate how much gas you have in the system and hopefully the temperature by setting how much cold gas you bleed off.

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I tried the same thing with oxygen, and the frame before it went to absolute zero it crashed.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make a vacuum.
  2. Place a thermo-regulator in the vacuum, not touching any walls.
  3. Make a connection from the gas input to the gas output, and a gas output to the gas input.
  4. Make a pipe that picks up any type of gas (i used oxygen).
  5. Pump it into the input of the thermo-regulator.
  6. Apply power
  7. Wait

EDIT: I'll go post this in a new topic.

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So i have this theory, the dupes have invented both the anti-matter bomb and time travel.

In our reality 0 kelvin means that atoms have stopped moving and we are unable to record any vibration of the atom.

Now in the game you can use thermal regulators to reduce the temperature by 10 degrees (or so) per step, a.k.a it dampens the vibration of the atoms passing through it.

At the moment that an atom stops moving at 0 kelvin and passes through the thermal regulator there is a brief moment in time when the first atom reaches this state of negative kelvin. This atom reverses it's vibration and becomes anti matter. 

Anti-matter is hyper attracted to particles that were once the same as it (i.e. The Unity of Opposites) and crashes into the nearest particle causing a massive explosion. This massive explosion ruptures time.

The worst thing that can happen though is when the Kelvin 0 anti-matter event effect resolves only a few seconds before time is reversed by the thermal generator making it virtually impossible to shut the system down. 


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