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  1. This seems to happen most often where there is a phase change. I've seen it when contaminated water turns to dirt and steam. You get a bouncing dirt that constantly increases in mass.
  2. Random crash a couple of minutes after loading save. No errors or anything it just quits straight to the desktop. I've noticed a whole heap of sim.dll-crash dump files in the main directory so maybe related. nasty cycle 194.sav SimDLL_CRASH_release_207683_20170225-14.1649.dmp
  3. I think that might just be a redundant calculation. The same mass calculation happens before addElement is called. It's a bit hard to read so that's with the assumption b stores how much mass the destination has available.
  4. This usually happens when a material goes through phase change. I've seen it quite often when generating steam from contaminated water where you get bouncing balls of dirt that constantly grow in mass every bounce.
  5. The trick is to create a loop and feed the output back into the input of the thermo regulator. Then use valves to regulate how much gas you have in the system and hopefully the temperature by setting how much cold gas you bleed off.
  6. Gas valves have a range of 10g-100g instead of 10g-10kg like liquid valves. I assume this is a bug as freshly built gas valves will often have a range of 10g-10kg, but will change to 10g-100g when used. If it's not a bug it would be nice if they worked the same way as liquid valves because 10kg unregulated is too much and 100g is too little. I need more control for science.
  7. I was using a couple of thermo regulators in a loop to chill hydrogen. When the input temperature gets close to absolute zero the game will crash. thermo regulator crash.sav