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  1. 2015 runtime issue

    Uninstall every old and current VC++ version and then intall VC++ 2015 32 bit and 64 bit. It solved my VC++ problem for other game. (and worked for other people for this game too)
  2. You could have the Alt button funcion stuck and thats why pressing Alt+tab fixed it since the system realized you dont keep pressing Alt anymore. And as Risu said Alt+C is a debug hotkey. (2-3 days ago i had a stuck Alt funcion while playing another game. Could be operation system or game related)
  3. The Water Purifier was not supplied with Sand

    @foxtails could you upload a save file?
  4. There was a bug about puft in earlier version of thermal upgrade. Make sure you have the newest upgrade.
  5. Also, in v.210489 if you use the dev ultra speed it breaks the gas pipe flow simulation and turning it back to normal speeds wont fix it. (dont know if its the same on newer versions)
  6. Food Supply from 110+kcal to 0kcal

    @Sniper-X-3 Could you upload the before savefile?
  7. I tested with v.210489 and it works fine. The only problem i see with this that you dont distribute hydrogen evenly because of the "going through" pipes. If you dont branch off for input ports then the gas can move back 1 tile to merge with another packet, and in the current situation it causes that the 3rd hydrogen generator doesnt get steady supply of gas.
  8. Well, they probably died from heat. Not generating slime shouldnt be related to their disapperance.
  9. 20000kg ice vs 1kg steam will take eternity to melt
  10. Thimble Reed Madness

    Check out the Thimble with the new patch. Should be fixed.
  11. Liquid pump pumping only 2500 g/s

    If you run the game on dev speed you will get a lot of empty blob and 2,5 blob
  12. @soapnrye well, my last long shot is, are you running steam as administrator? (there was a case earlier in bug report where admin right was the solution, tho it was win10)
  13. @soapnrye Maybe moving SimDLL to another place and forcing steam to repair files?
  14. @soapnrye i had VC++ problem with a different game and only reinstalling the 2015 didnt solve it (tried multiple times), but removing all old VC++ and then reinstalling 2015 (32bit and 64bit) solved all my problems