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  1. I dunno if i should start a new topic to share my idea, but i think that the Rock Granulator should produce 50kg of sand + 50kg of crushed ore, where you use the crushed ore in the refinery. Or maybe for future updates, you can melt said crushed ore to do... something. It's not very hard to make refined metal from the start, right? I just think that it should be atleast as hard to produce as plastic.
  2. All of the guns are referred to as a Multitool according to the "Fetching Water" tip. I don't see how all of those guns can be compacted into one, not mentioning the different appearences.
  3. I used a thermo-regulator to cool oxygen to almost absolute zero, but the frame before it read -273.15 it crashed.
  4. I tried the same thing with oxygen, and the frame before it went to absolute zero it crashed. Steps to reproduce: Make a vacuum. Place a thermo-regulator in the vacuum, not touching any walls. Make a connection from the gas input to the gas output, and a gas output to the gas input. Make a pipe that picks up any type of gas (i used oxygen). Pump it into the input of the thermo-regulator. Apply power Wait EDIT: I'll go post this in a new topic.