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windows 10 blocking mod update/delete, corrupting folders

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not sure if you can do anything about it, but please read my post here:
Follow this link to find my solution for this problem!

Of course you can't change windows, but maybe you can do something else? Maybe making sure, that the folder is not corrupted, so it can be deleted after giving the rights to the user. So you would avoid the need to boot in save mode.


Steps to Reproduce
windows 10 is blocking all things in program files. Try to update/delete a mod. Instead you will have a undeletable folder with 0Byte in your mods folder.

User Feedback

Thanks for the info on this issue @Serpens. Have you been able to reproduce the issue fairly regularly?

One thing that appears to have fixed the issue for some users, it to change the settings in Steam to not loaded automatically when Windows boots up.

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friend of mine has the same problem and we cant delete it or update it, even after unsubscribing. seems to be windows 10 related 

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I've been having the same problem and have been able to reproduce the problem. Here is a link to my post of the matter.


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