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  1. Persistent stuttering in game

    Hey there, thank you for your response, sorry for not getting back for a while. Give me a day or two to give you my performance report, currently unable to play don't starve. Thank you again.
  2. I have had this problem ever since I got a gaming laptop. The issue is that in game there will be a noticeable stutter every 3 seconds where the game freezes slightly. Fps will be at 58 and basically stay there and wont go past 60. This was never a problem on my desktop which has an older graphics card. The problem also exists on don't starve together. I have searched for such a long time for a solution to this issue. I've tried forcing vsync off and tripple buffering on using nvidia profile inspector. And it still persists. I have changed power options to best performance, and it still persists. I have updated all of my drivers, and it still persists. I really want to understand why my laptop which is a decent gaming laptop, struggles to run this game. My specs are: Processor: i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz RAM: 12 GB Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti This computer performs very well with basically every other game on good settings. Don't starve and Don't starve together are the only games that have had this issue. This is really irritating because dont starve runs well on older desktops with statistically poorer specs ( my last graphics card was a GTX 970 and i never EVER had an issue with fps or stuttering) and because this is one of my favourite games and playing it on my laptop is ruined by the constant stuttering. I would really appreciate some help with this. I've seen multiple people come to this forum seeking similar help and after a few questions with no success, the issue is left unresolved.
  3. my mind just broke...I love you klei. I didnt see this coming and its everything i ever wanted. AND OIL FOR LAMPS !!!!! THATS AWESOME!!!
  4. friend of mine has the same problem and we cant delete it or update it, even after unsubscribing. seems to be windows 10 related
  5. I honestly think they are just waiting till valentines if they do give us those skins. I can't think of why they would be out on tencent. Maybe it's skin testing? Not sure. Making sure that Wolfgangs larvae arms don't crash the game in the new skin?
  6. Sorry for the edit. I was trying to make it as clear to understand as possible. But valentines, like Christmas Is an event that happens on one day of the year. And you have event skins for Christmas. It makes sense to me that they would also have event skins for valentines. Again I could be wrong.
  7. As I said. I think these will be 2 event body skins for the rose collection that would function in the same way to the 2 event body skins for the winter update. (The green jacket and blue dress for the winter update). I could be wrong. also the fact that one is a dress and the other a suit makes me feel like those will be the event skins. As the winter ones are also one male jacket and one female skirt.
  8. Initially I responded to a comment saying that from a picture they saw something from a new collection that hadn't been seen before. I responded saying I thought those were still part of the rose collection. To which you said they are not. I'm not saying that the shadow skin in the same picture is a rose skin. Because it isn't. I'm saying that what I believe to be in that picture is not part of a different collection that we have yet to see other than the rose collection (and the ones we already know of). There are actually 2 different body skins I think that they are going to be event skins just like the 2 event body skins we have now for the Christmas update however they will be for the rose update does this help ?
  9. I'm talking about the ones in the picture that arnt part of an official collection that is available to us now. The rest I'm 99.43% certain are from the rose collection.
  10. I think those are all still the rose skins.
  11. hey there sorry to bother you. I was looking at the forums. im a big dont starve fan and ive played the game for 500+ hours. I really suck at SW though and on top of that maxwell is my favourite character but i often find that his health is just too low for SW and as i saw on your posts you have been quite successful at playing with maxwell. I was just wondering if you had any things that you have found to work quite well in SW and with maxwell in particular.  

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    2. Ajosen


      thanks. i once tried the bee trick to spawn evil flowers but i didnt have it near my base so it ended up being useless as i would have to constantly revisit it. these tips are really helpful thanks. last question. where would you say is best to set your base up? as in what must your island have on it or near it thats important? thanks again 

    3. oCrapaCreeper


      As any character really, I'm not too picky about where I set up. I usually look for just a jungle and beach in one island, those have most of the resources you'll need. 

      Water Beefalo are preferred for manure, but you can easily tick off the prime apes, have manure thrown at you, pick it up, and regain all your sanity back if you're Maxwell. 

    4. Ajosen


      thank you very much. really helpful.