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  1. I like your idea, and new content is always nice. It would be interesting to see. Im still hoping that we will have a continuation to the main story, it seems to come out in yearly intervals.
  2. If its truly like tf2 we wont get an update for several years and then when it does come out it breaks the game and wont get fixed for several months.
  3. Im really not enjoying Germs, Im finding im using up much more water with them around and that once the polluted water from the hand basins is disposed of its really difficult to get rid of the germs. Whats the best way to remove a lot of germs from large bodies of water?
  4. Tar, not that useful.

    bio luminescence are non renewable ....
  5. never mind. i have found it but its much rarer than usual, went through 3 cold biomes and found 2 sleet wheat plants
  6. I cant find Sleet Wheat any more in the cold biomes, is this normal?
  7. Tar, not that useful.

    An interesting idea for the tar suit would be to set yourself on fire and become a human torch for a while. Also maybe if it left tar slicks wherever you walked that slowed you down (like the queen bee in DST)
  8. Tar, not that useful.

    It's in the ocean. There are tar slicks on the water that you can set tar extractors up on. These will produce tar. I think you can make a tar extractor anywhere on the ocean however and it will produce tar. However it's more efficient on the tar slicks
  9. NOOOOOOOOOOO. No. No no no no no no. No. Never. No. No. Just no.
  10. Tar, not that useful.

    I just checked the wiki. And I don't know if this is an error but it says "protects against wetness and lightning" It also only lasts for one day however. As opposed to 8 days for the blubber suit.
  11. Tar, not that useful.

    I know about the yarcopapus . However the radius of light from of the boat lantern decreases as its durability decreases. So whilst they are renewable they cannot be refuelled renewably and still you can only trade for one item a day. So it's not very efficient. That's why I would have thought the tar lamp or oil lamp would have been a replacement for this as it could be refuels with tar. But instead the tar lantern has the small light radius of a boat torch and runs out very fast. I'd prefer it to be a stronger light source.
  12. I love the idea of tar and I'm so happy it was added to the game. But aside some key craftables, tar is kind of meh. I'm referring mostly to the tar suit and tar lamp. The tar lamp in my opinion should be an alternative to the boat lantern, (which relies on fire flies and if you don't count the slot machine, are non renewable) but instead it runs out very quickly. The tar suit I don't see being that useful as it is. The blubber suit is better and I rarely use that. And this may be changed but I thought tar would have more fuel and light related used. Like a lighthouse powered by tar oil. Or a motor that runs on tar.
  13. Can you not enter for anything less than 6?