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  1. [Game Update] - 388775

    *Edit* I figured it out, but also my game wont go to v388775 even after I verified game cache
  2. Gingerbread House Mod

    Ill redo it, im using the atlas and tex packager from the forums, but ill try and do it separately
  3. Gingerbread House Mod

    Ok ive got what I wanted the only thing if someone can help me is the crafting tab image. I had no problem with the mod icon but when i do 128x128 for the crafting menu, its being wonky. Also im saving it as transparent but still appears like that,
  4. Gingerbread House Mod

    @Ultroman , I got it down now , I just have to refine it, I’m gonna go through the “How to” thread one more time very carefully . I’ll post logs after, thank you as always for the feedback
  5. Hey guys im trying to get this mod going but im just starting getting into heavier modding as opposed to the cosmetics ive done. Im having some troubles if anyone can point me in the right direction id appreciate it so much and im sure some in the community would love this. Ive attached what Ive done and im sure there are errors. Please forgive my ignorance. Gingerbread House
  6. Gingerbread houses

    Does anyone by any chance in this thread know the prefabs for them?
  7. [Game Update] - 351615

    oh I mean what mobs are directly affected
  8. [Game Update] - 351615

    Improved pathfinding through water for flying and amphibious creatures (only on newly generated world) can someone explain this to me , I appreciate it thank you
  9. I don’t know if this has been changed but I’m positive Evergreen trees should not spawn on checkerboard flooring due to world regrowth. I have checkerboard flooring around my moon stone if that helps.
  10. [Game Update] - 340510

    Never had the problem before but that fixed it, thank you so much.
  11. [Game Update] - 340510

    Anyone having problems with trying to pick up crafted statues? Once I place them I cant pick it back up, ie boss statues
  12. [Game Update] - 336171

    what about existing worlds with the wormholes close to the water? @ScottHansen
  13. Is anyone getting a bug with festive planters only giving charcoal and winters feast food? I’m talking waiting an entire season to sleep and getting it
  14. Ok I was under the impression it was a bonus from buying a skin pack but ill hope for the best in my drops. Is it sellable? I dont see it in the shop as of yet