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  1. In my mega base world I finally got grass geckos to spawn , the only problem is they keep trying to run back to the place they spawned. I teleported them into a pen but it just looks weird with all of them just running up against the pen. Am I going to have to chase them one by one similar to goats ? Thanks
  2. Hello, if possible I would like to know if there is a console command to activate winters feast and deactivate winters feast.
  3. At my base I have sizeable pig villages, during full moon I like to head to moon base right away to prep for the event since that is where I farm moon rocks. After event I head to my base only to notice a lot of my pigs at base are werepigs. I'm thinking it has to do with being off screen and not around to actually see the pigs actively go inside during dusk
  4. The guide should have a comic with red circles indicating what rose to click, the guide on the wiki works AFAIK
  5. Does the puzzle desync at all between the two partys?
  6. Was walking in caves and saw slurtle slime on the cave hole "island", then saw a slurtle leaving another.
  7. What exactly was the camera snap? I haven't fought him yet
  8. It was reported that when you dig up atrium turf you get nothing back
  9. I was about to report this same issue, I'll try what you suggested @PeterA
  10. Atrium turf can be dug up, no item

    How would I make cobblestone roads in the ruins ? It's the same
  11. Antlion respawning when spelunking

    Thought there was a hot fix shortly after? I could be mistaken, if that's the case this can be closed
  12. I've tested a few times and after killing Antlion and going down to caves she will respawn. This was reported fixed last week so I'm not sure if this is intended now
  13. Antlion respawning

    Killed Antlion on day 2 of summer , day 4 entered caves to farm nightmare fuel and at around 5-6 days in the caves I got a cave in. 2nd to last day of summer I got the surface craters. I went to check Antlion and sure enough she was there. Edit: it was raining when I entered the caves thus stopping the sandstorm, don't know if that may be a factor