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Report a very game-damaging mod

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First I want to post the link of this mod.I'm really disappointed that the author used creativity in these wrong places.


The function of this mod is: when using celestial technology to switch roles, you can retain the current character's technology.
Example: Use Valkyrie to learn how to make a helmet, and use Celestial Technology to switch to Wes. Wes can also make a Valkyrie helmet.
Note: You need to manufacture items before you can switch to other character manufacturing.

There is also a code with the same effect

Fill in the code of the item to be made in double quotation marks, provided that the item has been made and has sufficient materials.

I hope Klei can figure out a way to prevent these things from happening. It’s very sad.

There is another question. Is These bugs fixed in this qol update? If it has not been repaired, I hope the hotfixes can be repaired in the future.Thanks!!!!! They have been around for a while.




Steps to Reproduce


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User Feedback

Please consider re-opening this. The mod works on dedicated servers. Just tested it on a server where I do not have admin.

Step 1: Enable the mod.
Step 2: Craft a living log as Wormwood
Step 3: Switch to any other character.
Step 4: Living Log craft is still craftable.

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