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Use the "actionqueue reborn" mod c key to quickly create an item function to remove the abnormal state bug

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First of all, I previously reported a bug using this mod to enable Wortox to walk in the void of the cave. That bug was fixed in the May QOL update.

thanks to the developers.

This is another bug that this mod can make the game easier.

step1:First of all, you have to subscribe to this mod in steam workshop. The name is: actionqueue reborn. XD

step2: Enable this mod to enter the game, and then make an item at will (here I used the torch-making action like the previous demo of Wortox's bug. Let the c key of this mod make the item quickly and remember my operation)

step3:The latter thing is very simple. Just press the c button when you are attacked by a monster or suffer a negative state to release the debuff.

I also uploaded the demo gif This time I use the blue hound as an example. note:This function can also cancel the crab king's frozen attack. The bearger's yawn attack can also be canceled in other seasons. I knew this bug a long time ago and only recently had time to Feedback.

Hope this bug can be fixed


GIF 2020-7-6 20-35-31.gif

GIF 2020-7-6 20-26-55.gif

Steps to Reproduce

Next time I will upload another bug.

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