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  2. The player can get stuck on the boat rim, in between the actual outside of the boat and the inside. If the player does get stuck there the player will be unable to get out, even as a ghost, as if the physics doesn't detach from the player after the boat dies (Any attempt to be teleported away will just have you be dragged back)
  4. Yeah i really have no idea why. Can we get make to our lad Warly please, or else he won't make any food for you and watch you starve.
  5. Did you hook up the OnEat function properly? I'd need to see your code.
  6. Yes, I think that's in the swap_wand SCML file. abs_y or abs_pivot_y, depending on what you want. Subtract a bit from either, and see how it reacts in animations. Messing with the pivot might make it not rotate correctly with the arm.
  7. Tooth trap can't reset. bird will disappeared when rollback and reload a world. Can't fix ship when reload or rollback a world. Sometimes,will stuck at edge of the ship Ship UI still exist when abandon a ship And we need more types of ship
  8. Naniii what is this forgotten knowledge?
  9. Is this code only needed if an item specifically calls for something from Return of Them? Like I won't need this for say... my Quotimizer mod will I? As it doesn't add anything apart from quote changes for mod items.
  10. I hope we get some kind of RAFT like event in the future Easy to implement now that they have created these kind of boats , all we need is some water only map with small island or something ( cough ... shipwrecked) and some permanent kind of monsters around the boat that dont attack if not in the water.
  11. God, I've seen this video like 2 years ago and it's forever been in my heart.
  12. DST is fun after all, it is just lacking a little single-player content like Hamlet mechanics in Shipwrecked which is getting implemented into, maybe interior in Hamlet as well( not very soon or never due to its size consume is big ) but DST has raid boss content which usually need player Cooperate to work that single player do not have I like the antlion desert and lazy explorer, cave content, the rope in single player is just so bad and hard to click also DST exlusive beefalo taming before it's not added in single player but few main problems I hate playing DST are stated on the posts above 1. No friend to play with( busy or we are at different time zone or I just... don't have... friend... ) 2. Laggy( host pc is made by WOOD and connected wire is formed by AIR or wireless connection is still at Stone Age version )
  13. Indoor Farming

    I think Klei wanted to prevent making houses the completly safe area and they did not implement this because of that reason.
  14. On Examination Quotes

    Maxwell seems to now more about the moon: Moon Stone (repaired)- "I had thought these were all destroyed eons ago." Moon Dial (new moon)- "The... 'moon'... has retreated for now." Moon Dial (in Caves)- "The cave provides sanctuary from the 'moon's' prying eyes." So according to him, the moon isn't really a moon. The "Moon" has the ability to see, but not into the caves. Maxwell was around or aware of the Moonbases when he was on the throne. He himself probably didn't destroy it, probably Them.
  15. Can you guys make an option in the game for 30 fps (frames per second)? Low-end computers run 30 fps games MUCH much more smoothly, and this will make the game much more playable on low-end computers (when the colony size becomes insanely large), and this will increase sales for the game, which increases profit. It's a definite win-win! Love you Klei.
  16. Crash when exiting the game. Here is the log.
  17. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    This. People want to make us look like the vilains (or at least me) just because they think that when we say we do not like something then we hate it.
  18. I googled it and I found one answer that was older that said you can get drops when watching streams on mobile. My account is connected. I get them when I watch on pc. I don’t see any notifications on my mobile phone or iPad. Do I need to do something? I’m away and can’t check my pc I’d i actually got them but so far no new notifications for drops.
  19. Indoor Farming

    Any room with at least one greenhouse window should allow farms to be placed in it.
  20. Yeahh... BUUUUT it doesn't work as the saving system is propably different oookay! so the M save somehow works BUTTT your game will be glitchy... This is the spawn area, no divining rod. I saved the save and left... I honestly expected some kind of screamer or smth tho. A world! Teleportating results in a normal adventure world... X world time baby!
  21. Gestalt

    then its settled we'll all collectively recognize them as Gelato
  22. Great explanation on the settings for the smart batteries, I have never thought of that. Sound on the video is great on my tablet, very easy to understand.
  23. Webber's Shamlet Mask (repost)

    Cowl allows you to see through the fog, it also independently provides immunity to the fog slowness effect. Shamlet Mask, a practically required item for Webber, will weigh Webber down despite Wagstaff's precedent. To avoid inconsistency, the mask or goggles should be changed. It's that simple
  24. Who is best character to survive apocalypse

    If I'm not mistaken, Aporkalypse is not endless for first encounter from few updates ago although I never try before, because I just reverse the clock everytime before it happens you may try keep running all the time, bats will stop chasing after you for certain distance you've escaped and despawn after Aporkalypse end. but you have to keep your food stock enough on you, buy tons of food at day 59, WX-78 will help since it takes no penalty to eat spoil food soldier mants' running speed is fast, so don't run near or into mant hill as possible as you can. For sure, stop the clock is the best wise choice, but you got to prepare few gunpowders go to the ruin mentioned above, find cracked door, and then explode it using gunpowder ( nitre + charchoal + egg from forest tree/ feeding bird, or 20 oincs each coconut-boom from second pig island shop ) if you are unlucky, you may need use few gunpowders until you find the clock I recommend Wagstaff, you can spectate the crack with basic goggle if it leads into a room so more gunpowders are saved from wasting
  25. Today
  26. So I have a solution for the Thumper: just don't add it to DST. How about a harvesting machine instead? Picking up all berries, grass and sticks within a certain range and store them.
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