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  2. The basic merm hut is probably going to be something similar to pig houses, wood, froglegs?, rot? I don't remember what they drop when you hammer or deconstruct those in the swamp. I'd also go heavy on wood and boat materials to try to find the lunar island ASAP for the rock fruits, or maybe heavy on rocks/poop/grass for at least a few farms. As for the Merm king thingie, Joe said it requires stuff from all over the constant and it also requires babysitting, so it's most likely a very powerful late game feature. On a side note, I'm thinking what early games advantages could we use from what was mentioned, as it seems there won't be many (except maybe run fast in the swamp and be able to know where the tentacles are). Maybe using merm hutches early on to start farming spiders/pigs/bunnymen? If she can't eat meat there won't be much use for her to make merms themselves die. Also unlike Wigfrid (who can use vegetables as filler in the crockpot) most meat we obtain as Wurt will end up as rot, unless we can still werepig the pigs with MM like Webber/Wortox do.
  3. Count to 200 without interruption

    3/5 of the way to 200
  4. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Song I'll be playing as soon as Wurt spawns:
  5. It can certainly multiply a lot of heat or cold upwards or to the right. Sour gas boiler & condenser with 300 doors, 600 tempshifts, and one thermo regulator?
  6. So what resources do y'all think should be stockpiled to build a ton of these new structures the day she comes out? Wood obviously, probably rope, frog legs? fish?
  7. That, with automation, could have endless heat deletion potential.
  8. Count to 200 without interruption

  9. What games have you been playing?

    I do this most of the time anyway! You can never be too sure when it comes to save files.
  10. Music thread

    That music video was amazing. What a ride.
  11. Ban GNO because Lammarr is right. And because of the fact that there is no raving crab easter egg in ONI.
  12. Today
  13. I’m really interested to see new characters that force the players to play the game in different ways. Wurt sounds like she’s balanced as a tower-defence style character so I’m looking forward to seeing how that pans out. Aside from not being able to eat meat, meat will actually be COMPLETELY useless for her. She hates pigs, so I’m assuming she won’t be able to trade with the pig king for gold, or turn pigs into werepigs. She can turn it into eggs to use as a filler, make gunpowder or waffles... but that’s it. One of the most important resources is barely desirable for Wurt, meaning you’re gonna prioritise going after other resources and play in a different way. Most vegetarian crockpot dishes actually net a loss, so I’m expecting raw and cooked veggies being chosen more often than not. After you get your farms set up and start stockpiling pumpkins and braised eggplants, you’re basically set. Before that, I would expect Wurt to work best as a forager, living off mushrooms, carrots and berries without needing to come back. For Winter there is always cactus, honey and stockpiled birchnuts (so far Abigail has been the best at farming birchnutters, but merms might be a cheap alternative). Regardless, due to the high cost to set up and maintain, I’m expecting the merm kind to be incredibly powerful.
  14. Achievement Cheat Sheet

    This is a singleplayer game, another person obtaining the achievement has no effect on your gameplay. You don't need to compare to other people to achieve a sense of accomplishment. You're also making a quite big assumption that people who "cheat" the accomplishment are doing it to brag, I don't think anyone is. It would be immediately obvious is someone tries to claim they completed the achievement when they are not capable of doing so.
  15. [Game Update] - 371293

    Oh yeah. My bad. I forgot that was you I discussed this with.
  16. It would be damn cool to have each of the 3 different creatues in game xD like Wilba a pig princess who came to the world to look for his father whos curse she was holding by turning to werepig (pig king) is her father i bet. The Wurt comes there to bring his kingdom to rise in the world. And maybe even a Bunnyman to come would be cool if he had an night vision like can see in night but in daylight the vision gets little blurry or lesser gets the coloration. And he can sleep in day time only and same updates like making bunnyman underground guards. And Bunny queen or king.
  17. This is probable and explains why she has mind and horns
  18. Gonna be so sad if they don't include the hunchback.
  19. Funny that in gorge we couldnt see the horns of other merms. The goat kid if i remember he said these 2 merms who sell you seed used to be goats too but turned into merms thing was we didnt see their horns was they were wearing hats on. Merms were yea actually like another type creatures who got turned into merms by curse.
  20. I had always heard it places those blocks under the doors, but I assumed it was using a virtual building temp for them. Didn't know you click on the ore itself, although I'm sure I should have. Plus, the reported temperature and the reset temp is just the root rather than any sort of average. Wow. Glad I can be taught so much today.
  21. Dont have a main but they're my fave: WX-78's outer casing looks to be made of copper or copper alloy (maybe copper plated), but in their Survivor skin all we see is the red rust seen on ferrous metals (iron rusts red). We should see a little bit of the green corrosion typical of copper somewhere on them? (Please correct me if needed, my manufacturing materials knowledge is a little.... rusty )
  22. Yeah, the door has a block of its element for each tile. You can see/select it when clicking the tile twice. Each tile has its own temperature. The door's displayed temperature is the same as the bottom tile (root tile). In addition, when opening the door (or just set it to "open" and then "close" while paused) , it instantly sets both blocks' temperature to that of the bottom (root) one. (This was causing issues with the metal cannon a while back as well).
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