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  2. Most of the time a dupe eats one food item per cycle, while burning 1000 calories in that time. Early game food items have low calorie amounts, like meal lice has 800. This leads to dupes not having time to eat enough; a dupe needs to eat one item then run back to pick another one. One way to fix it is increasing the lenght of the break time. Another is producing higher calorie foods. Personally i`m getting those alerts for all dupes when using the "hungty" difficulty setting. But after i upgrade food to gristle/fried mushroom it tends to go away.
  3. I believe there are different modifiers for gas-solid and solid liquid transfer. It`s something like x10 compared to tile-tile. Major reason why 2 thick walls are so commonly used. Debris also work in a different way. The actual conductivity is like a log average. It uses the lower for stuff marked as "insulated" but there are still modifiers on top of that. Really the thermal calculations are the most complicated part of this game. There are quite a few threads trying to decypher it.
  4. Wurt

    Sometimes they drop some info at the very last minute of streams though
  5. Wurt

    On the bright side the longer it takes for them to release it the better it'll be? Hard to say where exactly all the time is going: Wurt, Skins, or New Event Stuff.
  6. Wurt

    "A little hope, however desperate, is never without worth."
  7. Wurt

    please be patient, it will come when it comes.
  8. Wurt

    Yeaahhhhhhhhh...... they probably should have told this thread a few hours ago that there was no content or even news coming today. Eesh. Or at.... least a little news to soften the blow...... Sucks that Hallowed Nights is going to be.... mostly after Halloween.
  9. Wurt

    Usually the update is posted on the forum before the stream start
  10. Wurt

    I wish we got more information about these updates to come. I already know Klei is usually late on these updates and that's fine, I just wish we got this information on tuesday instead of the last possible moment, like the roadmap we had for wormwood and warly and how it was very specific.
  11. Wurt

    Hope is dead my friend just give up
  12. Wurt

    Unless they made that tweet just to throw us off, I doubt it
  13. Wurt

    Previously on Klei forums: Hallowed Nights will be returning in a couple weeks and with it our Survivors will meet a new friend. We'll have more details soon, but we thought you might enjoy this little sample from our next short. a couple weeks .. .. A COUPLE = 2 this was posted on october 3 Klei Changes the thumbnail of forums Coincidence? Prognostics, UPDATE NEWS COMING TODAYYY
  14. Wurt

    How will I ever wait for SEVEN WHOLE DAYS??
  15. Wurt

    Was thinking the same. How odd.
  16. very nice my old build was done before steam turbines were useful, it's good to see my old build upgraded with them
  17. Wurt

    The streams usually start 00:30 in my timezone which is in like 1 ½ hours from now. Then again I haven't been to a stream in god knows how long so I might be tripping. I'm still hopefull.
  18. Wurt

    They just changed the stream's title so people will know it won't be a dev stream w new character or Hallowed Nights.
  19. Wurt
  20. Wurt

    But usually Klei give information one week before the short.... T_T Or only for rework ?
  21. Wurt

    okay... I am sad, I will now go and hibernate till exactly one week from now. good night friends.
  22. Wurt

    This is the wurt timeline.
  23. Wurt

    The link:
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