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The Badass Webber in Hamlet

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Webber.PNG.9e647636e398ac671792d40658f1ed66.PNGThe material of Badass Webber: backpack, cane and Tam o 'Shanter

Royal_Guard.png.21cf81289d0433a5088b2ac8a39d251a.pngPig **** and ugly stuff: Tin Suit, Halberd and Fancy Helmet

ecgebC2.png.787e821696de8af4c56b69cd639dc49e.pngGeneral's business: red coat, gold helmet, hallberd and blunderbuss

Badass Webber

The screams were those of WeeTusk. He was scared and screaming, he had lost his dogs, which are probably dead. His father and his dogs had fought back in vain; they had been killed by several spiders. WeeTusk was staring from a distance, a spider standing out from the crowd, he still had four legs, a long, silky white beard with two arms and two legs. MacTusk fled on his side, he was agitated by 10 to 20 spiders, he gave up and he was killed. Webber grabbed MacTusk's bodyguard and took his Tam o 'Shanter, the beret covering half of his right eye. Webber takes the Skyworthy to Hamlet. On landing, the Spidermonkeys team up with Webber. He organizes the extermination of FlyTraps and produces a hippopotamus breeding for their tender meat. Webber took control of the rainforest biome, hog guards patrolled the forest, and attacked several spiders. When Webber arrived on the battlefield, the pigs were already dead, the number of spiders was too big. Webber decided to conquer the city of pigs, he now knew the existence of Queen Malfalfa, thanks to the insignia of the corpse of one of the pigs on which was inscribed "Glory to Queen Malfalfa".

A few days later, thousands of spiders were mobilized for the assault, the Queen sounded the alarm, the inhabitants were to be locked up and cloistered at home, Webber's army was quickly seen. The guards killed several spiders, but there are too many, Webber takes the territory, the spiders also kill several guards, Spidermonkeys tanked and killed the last guards, they are very resistant, they destroyed the houses and their inhabitants, Webber managed to recover 80% of the city of pigs. Then, a pig with a red coat, and a gold helmet with a red cap, faces Webber's army. He was a general. He was armed with a halberd and a blunderbuss. Webber threw himself on him and he fired several shots, the general blocking them all, Webber retreating to gain momentum, the general quickly pulls his Blunderbuss and shoots Webber. Webber dodges, he goes to the general, he inflicts a blow to the belly. The general blocks the second shot, Webber is very agile, he turns 180 degrees and hurts, the general falls to the ground. The general dropped his gunpowder, he takes out his torch and lights the powder, during the battle, the general created a forest fire, there is a fiery line, full of spiders in flames, except Webber who jumps on the general and decapitates his head with the defense of the cane by MacTusk. Webber arrives at the palace of Malfala, opens the door, orders the remaining spiders to eat and kill the queen, 100 spiders hung on the queen, they sting and eat this bacon. Webber destroyed the city of pigs, and all its inhabitants, the era of pigs is over, place in the era of spiders.



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